The Gold Standard in Outdoor Tents: 10x10 ABC Canopy

Unleashing the Ultimate Outdoor Shelter Experience: A Review of the Heavy Duty 10x10 ABCCanopy

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Published April 5, 2023
By Paul Mooner

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ABCCanopy is a brand that has been on our radar since the first release of its popular 10x10 canopy tent back in 2014. Over the years, they have become one of the most trusted names in the pop up canopy tent industry, known for innovative designs and commercial-grade quality. We wanted to do a thorough review of the heavy-duty 10x10 and highlight some of the features and benefits that we love, as well as a few that we think could be improved upon.

The Verdict

We'll get straight to the good stuff and save those of you who want to skip reading all the details. ABC Canopy manufactures the best 10x10 pop up canopy tent on the market today, narrowly edging out the other 100-square-foot heavy-duty canopies from Eurmax and MasterCanopy. Why should you trust us? Over the past six years, we have spent over 3,000 hours researching and reviewing hundreds of canopies and party tents. In doing so, we have acquired a deep understanding of what customers look for in an outdoor canopy tent.

The specs on this canopy are hard to believe at a price point we find to be extremely competitive in the category. From the industry-leading 26mm x 13mm x 1mm truss bars that criss-cross throughout the canopy roof, to the 300 denier polyester canopy roof that offers UV protection and 100% waterproof protection, to the smooth and safe thumb lock push button sliders; we are hard-pressed to find a better commercial-grade canopy tent that delivers more value.

ABC Canopy offers three different build types for their 10x10 series; commercial (S1 model), premium (S2 model), and professional (S3 model). This review is focused on the most popular S1 series, but we'll also talk about the premium S2 series to show how the two are different.

Features of the 10x10

Sturdy Frame and Canopy Support

The very first minute you take the canopy out from the carrying bag you will notice that this is a durable heavy-duty shelter. There is no mistaking the quality of materials used thanks to the 48 lbs of rust-resistant powder-coated steel that is used throughout the frame structure. The cross-truss support system is a key feature that provides unmatched stability and support for the frame.

Cross Truss Design

The cross-truss design uses the X-bracing technique commonly used in bridges. Connecting two diagonal members in an X-shape across a square creates a grid-like structure that provides greater stability and support, particularly in windy conditions where canopies are subjected to lateral or diagonal forces. The X-bracing helps to evenly distribute the weight of the canopy, reducing the risk of collapse or damage under pressure.

Bolstered with commercial strength, an adjustable center peak tensioner extends up from the center of the X which can be used to raise or lower the peak, ensuring the tent's canopy is taut and maintains its shape at all times. By tightening the tensioner, you can help prevent pooling or sagging of the fabric during heavy rain or snow. We think this is an innovative and great feature of the 10x10 ABC canopy tent because it will help add longevity to the canopy and possibly prevent a replacement roof in the future.

Straight Leg Design

The square legs measure 30mm and are made with .8mm thick steel, the industry standard for pop up tents in the heavy-duty category. The straight-leg design forms a 90-degree angle with the ground and helps to distribute weight evenly across the frame, preventing any one area of the canopy from bearing too much weight and potentially collapsing.

Because ABC Canopy only offers commercial-grade tents, you won't find any options with slanted legs because they are not as sturdy and don't offer the same level of stability as straight-leg tents. Many value-brand instant shelters like Leader Accessories and Ozark Trail offer angled-leg tents because they are cheaper to manufacture.

Easy Setup and Takedown

We found the setup of this shade canopy to be a breeze with just two people, the process taking no more than 3 minutes from beginning to end. The canopy expands from its collapsed state effortlessly thanks to the nylon composite brackets at all the joints which diffuse pressure on the connections and greatly aid in the support system to ensure the joints don't bend or kink.

We especially love the smooth and safe push slider buttons on the leg locks and roof locks that release without placing your fingers in harm's way. Short of a mallet to drive in the tie downs and stakes if they are required, no additional tools are necessary. Set up can be done with just one person, but due to the size and weight of the ABCCanopy, we highly recommend two people assist in the setup and takedown.

Multiple Height Adjustments

The telescoping legs on the 10x10 ABC canopy offer three different height settings in 4-inch increments - 135 inches, 132 inches, and 128 inches. There is a 10-inch valance that overhangs the eaves which acts to conceal the truss bars. This gives head clearances of 83 inches, 80 inches, and 76 inches, respectively. The only other pop up canopy tent that offers similar height is Eurmax, which is also known for its high-quality construction and sturdiness.

Waterproof and UV-Protected Canopy

ABC canopy tents have a 300D polyester roof that is 100% waterproof thanks to a special 140g waterproof silver coating and double-stitched heat-sealed seams to prevent water from penetrating the material. This means it can keep you dry during light rain and give adequate shade to protect you from harmful UV rays on hot sunny days.

This is the best quality material for a canopy roof that we have been able to find, and it's noticeably thicker and more durable than recreational brands like Crown Shades, Coleman, and Z-Shade. The instant shelter products for these brands are mostly water-resistant and not waterproof.

One noteworthy accessory that gains little recognition is the banner loops located on the exterior of one of the four valances should you need to hang signage with your company name or logo. This offers a professional way to display a custom banner or sign at a trade show or farmers market as opposed to having to clip it to the canopy edges.

Replacement Canopy Roof

Despite being the industry's best canopy material, it may be necessary to replace the canopy roof to maintain the tent's functionality and aesthetics. We don't typically see replacements being needed from wind-related damage because of the shelter's ability to withstand harsh elements, rather we found the leading cause for needing a replacement top is simply due to normal wear and tear which causes the fabric to become damaged or ripped, making it less effective at providing shade and protection.

Additionally, because the pop up canopy top can last for many years, the material may succumb to sun wash after exposure to the hot sun year after year. This is purely an aesthetic reason to replace the roof, as if the canopy has faded or become discolored it may detract from the overall look and feel of the canopy tent. The good thing is that ABCCanopy offers replacements at a fraction of the cost of a whole new canopy tent, and are available in every color. They are also offering four bonus sandbags with every purchase, and in our opinion, these are some of the best bags used for anchoring a canopy tent on hard surfaces.

Benefits of Using Sidewalls

Sidewalls can be purchased separately from ABC Canopy for $25 each, or you can purchase the same commercial-grade S1 canopy tent with three sidewalls included. Sidewalls are the most popular accessory add-on for pop up canopy tents, and ABC makes the best-selling one available. For backyard and patio tents, it is common to use at least one wall for added privacy from the neighbors.

The sidewall is made from the same 300D polyester as the canopy top and is 100% waterproof and provides 50 UPF protection. It measures 10x10 for a snug fit on the frame and the Velcro straps on the top and sides offer super easy installation. We love the zipper connections that allow you to join multiple sidewalls together and create an enclosed space for added protection and privacy against the wind, rain, and sun. This is particularly helpful on camping trips where you might need extra versatility to create a more comfortable and enjoyable experience as you encounter these elements.

Easy Transport and Storage

One of the most underrated things about the 10x10 ABCCanopy is the wheeled carrying bag that provides easy transport and storage for the tent and accessories. It features one of the best wheel designs that we have seen, with a wide axle system that allows the oversized wheels to glide over uneven surfaces such as gravel, grass, or sand. The high-quality materials ensure your canopy will be protected from dirt, dust, moisture, and damage from exposure to the elements that cause dry rotting.

With the heavy-duty steel frame weighing about 48 lbs., the roller bag is necessary for anyone who regularly uses the tent for outdoor events, camping trips, trade shows, sporting events, or other activities. Having a wheeled carry bag makes it a portable and practical shade option for events like these, and with dimensions of 66"x9"x9" it can fit into the trunk of a car without any issue.

S1 Model vs. S2 Model

While both share the same 10x10 dimensions and offer 100 square feet of shade, there are a few major differences between the ABCCanopy S1 commercial tent and S2 professional tent.

Hammer-tone Powder Coated Finish

The most obvious is that the frame of the S2 model is finished with a white hammer-tone powder coating as opposed to the black-powder coating used on the S1 frame. The white steel finish provides several benefits including better heat reflection, less fading and discoloration, and greater versatility in matching canopy tent roof colors being a neutral color.

Sturdy Honeycomb Support

The second upgrade of the S2 is the most important, the hexagonal legs. The 6-sided hexagon shape provides many benefits over the traditional square in construction, but most importantly makes the shelter sturdier without adding any additional weight. The premium-grade legs measure 1.65" (42mm) wide compared to the 1.3" (33mm) square legs.

But it's more than just the width of the legs that make them special. The 6-sided design helps to evenly distribute pressure across the leg and provides greater strength than 4-sided square legs, allowing this pop up canopy tent to perform even better in the wind than the S1 instant shelter. Honeycombs are a good example of how hexagonal construction provides an efficient and strong structure. The beehive is constructed using the angles of the hexagonal shape to distribute forces evenly across the structure, making it more resistant to bending or breaking under pressure.

Final Thoughts

Rain, sleet, or shine, the durable frame of the 10x10 ABCCanopy is built to withstand the elements and provide a reliable shelter for outdoor events.  The high-quality fabric with reinforced stitching provides no match for heavy rain or the sun's harsh UV rays. 

The value of this pop up canopy tent is ultimately measured by its durability and ease of use.  The assembly of the tent leaves no stone unturned, incorporating smart, practical components to create a design that is painless to set up and nearly impervious to outside forces when properly anchored. With an overall weight of 48 lbs. that falls near the middle of the pack as far as outdoor tents are concerned, it uses the load to its advantage to solidify a robust structure that does not falter. 

Though the price point may not be for the faint of heart at $190, this heavy-duty design is a worthy investment that will last for years to come. Juxtaposed to similar models including MasterCanopy and Eurwax, it more than holds its own and serves as the best overall option for the outdoor tent space.

Occasionally will have better prices than Amazon, so we encourage you to check their website before buying.