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How can you make the most of the great outdoors this year? To enjoy nature to its fullest, you’re going to need a quality waterproof tent. Nothing can put more of a damper on a camping trip than to have ourselves or our gear get wet. From clothes to food to electronics, it’s critical to keep all of our belongings dry. Fortunately, there are things we can do to mitigate the risk of an unknown forecast, and it all starts with finding the best waterproof tent. The tent is the command center, hub, or focal point of any camping trip; so, its absolutely necessary we get this piece of equipment right.

To come up with our list, we started out by identifying the most important features in a waterproof tent. It all starts with the capability of the fabric to resist water. There are shelters made from synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, polyurethane or laminate hybrids all with different types of weaves, coatings and weights. But how can we determine the best kind to keep us dry? And which of these of materials are more breathable and allow better ventilation? And along with rain typically comes strong winds. The engineering and sturdiness of the fiberglass poles can not be overlooked as its one of the most important measures to identify a shelter capable of withstanding the sustained winds of a rainstorm.

Next, we look at the size and interior space of each shelter. While a small 2-person tent will serve most hikers perfectly, families will want a larger 4 or 6-person tent to sufficiently fit everyone inside. No one wants to be cramped and uncomfortable for long periods of time inside a tent that is too small for everyone. For this reason, we still favour oversized tents. Doing so ensures enough space for all campers as well as plenty of gear.

And lastly, we take a look at ease of use, portability, and affordability. It’s true—tents used to be a challenge to set up, but that has changed. Now, matching tent loops and color-coded fiberglass rods make setup fast and easy. With two people they can be pitched in less than 10 minutes, something most of us would have dreamed of 20 years ago. When it comes portability, keep in mind your intended use of the product. Will it be for hiking or car camping? While a 5 lbs. tent will be perfect for hiking, a larger 20 lbs. shelter might be the better option for car camping and camp sites without a long hike. We’re also firm believers that you don’t have to break the bank to purchase a quality product. Our recommendations are solely based on the value we believe these products will provide, and most of the shelters we identified are more affordable than competing products with similar specs.

To compile this list of the top waterproof tents, we researched pretty much every option currently available. We’ve answered all of the questions you might have in depth through our detailed reviews. But, if you have any questions that we haven’t addressed please don’t hesitate to ask us. Stay dry friends!

Best Tent For Rain Reviews
Summarized Comparison Table

Rank Waterproof Tent Price
1 Nautika - Laredo GT Sport Camping Tent
Nautika - Laredo GT Sport Camping Tent
2 Coleman - Evanston Screened Tent
Coleman - Evanston Screened Tent
3 Core - 9 Person Extended Dome Tent
Core - 9 Person Extended Dome Tent
4 Coleman - WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent
Coleman - WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent
5 Coleman - Sundome 4-Person Tent
Coleman - Sundome 4-Person Tent

Waterproof Tent Reviews
Detailed Reviews

Nautika - Laredo GT Sport Camping Tent

Nautika is the parent company for NTK and has been producing top quality camping products in Brazil for decades. This company’s goal is to create innovative camping products that make the experience of the great outdoors one that is comfortable and dry. NTK knows that while people are camping, the tent acts as a home away from home. Every detail of each tent in the brand is designed carefully so that campers enjoy fun times, especially when the outside elements are not cooperating. The NTK Laredo GT 8/9 Person Sport Camping Tent may be considered the best tent for rainy conditions.

If you are camping with a large group, you are going to love how spacious and accommodating this tent is. It measures 15 feet wide, which means that no one will be cramped on top of each other during the day or night. Few products can accommodate up to nine adults and provide enough headroom to move freely like the Laredo. Even the tallest member of our team, a 6-foot man, could stand without tilting his head. A family of campers will appreciate the breathable 190T polyester material on the inside of the tent. It contains "Micro Mosquito No-See-Um" fabric, which keeps bugs from becoming a problem. Also, it increases privacy and heightens ventilation. It adds to the waterproof design as well. The entrance has two doors with a double layer of fabric. This keeps the interior protected from rain. A sport camper will love the loft that provides extra storage for all kinds of equipment. The floor is crafted from a seamless layer of anti-fungal polyethylene. It has a silver coating and bathtub-style design that keeps water away. After a storm, a person will never worry about waking up in the middle of a puddle. The floor is not the only part of this NTK tent that will keep everyone dry throughout the camping seasons of spring, summer, and fall.

One thing that caught our eyes was the rainfly that covers the tent from bottom to top. Outside, the fabric contains certain pieces of aluminum with sealed seams, which are heat-welded for endurance. The exterior layer offers UV protection as well. This is a great feature that will help to keep sunburns to a minimum. The NTK Laredo tent stands out from the competition with its extremely sturdy frame. If you have been searching for the perfect tent for high-wind conditions, this is it. Thanks to the fiberglass poles and "Non-Flex" technology, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that this tent can weather conditions that might collapse other tents. The poles are interconnected with bungee cords and galvanized steel piers. This maximizes safety and stability.

When you go camping, the last thing you want to do is waste a ton of time messing around with poles and stakes. With the NTK Laredo, you will not lose precious hours in the great outdoors setting up your tent. In under 15 minutes, two adults will have the tent ready. Thanks to the unique pin-and-ring system and the colored poles, pitching this tent could not be more simple. Taking it down is just as easy. The best part is that after a trip is over, the tent can be stored in the provided carry bag.

Considering the size of this tent, a person will be challenged to uncover a similar item in its price range. Also, even with its spacious size, it is not as heavy as you might expect. Since the tent weighs approximately 20 pounds, it is convenient that the carry bag has reinforced straps and compression buckles. This makes it much easier to move from place to place. Due to the weight, it is better suited for a camping trip over a hiking excursion.

For a large group of campers, it is hard to beat the value of the TDK Laredo tent. Its features and construction make it the best family tent for bad weather. TDK is a brand that has a solid reputation in the camping industry and will serve groups well in the outdoors. Thanks to the durable material, technological features, and innovative design, the Laredo should be a part of a person's camping arsenal. The large and spacious interior sleeps up to nine people. Its multiple waterproof features will keep everyone dry through any rainstorm. Save the wetness for another day. Choose the TDK Laredo tent for some outdoor play.

Coleman - Evanston Screened Tent

After evaluating a large selection of tents for harsh weather conditions, our team has rated the Coleman Evanston 6 Screened Tent as one of the best options for heavy rain. Most people recognize the Coleman name and understand that it is a staple in the camping industry. The brand is always searching for ways to deliver quality products that help campers enjoy their time away.

This tent is equipped with the WeatherTec System, an advanced waterproofing system that helps to maintain dry conditions in the tent even in soaking rain. The Evanston tent is crafted from a 75D polyester fly and a 1000D polyester floor material with inverted seams. This is the first defense against the rain. Also, the patented welded floors make sure that the bottom of the tent does not pool with water. The rainfly window awnings and the zipper cuff provide extra covering from the rain as well. The wind-strong frame makes sure that gusts do not disturb the stability of the tent. To ensure proper ventilation, the Evanston has four large windows. Unlike smaller tents that only have one or two openings, air can properly circulate throughout this tent, which means that condensation is not a problem. This is another way to ensure that everything remains dry. Some people may not appreciate the loss of privacy from opening all of the windows, but they can be closed while a person is changing clothes or sleeping.

Upon first examination, the Evanston seemed slightly heavier than other tent models. But at roughly 27 pounds, it is actually impressive how spacious it is. The interior is 11 feet long by 10 feet wide, and can sleep up to six adults comfortably. Two storage pockets are included as well. There can never be too many places to keep your essentials out of the way. Even though this may be a challenge to tote from place to place, the deluxe camping bag helps to keep everything stored away neatly. Due to the weight, it is better suited for a camping trip with an RV, car, or truck. Hikers will not appreciate the weight on their backs. The price is quite competitive and should not detract a camper from taking advantage of this piece of equipment.

No matter how many positive features that a tent provides, it is not an asset if it takes a long time to pitch. Luckily, the Coleman Evanston can be assembled by one person in approximately 15 minutes. The continuous pole sleeves and exclusive pin-and-ring insta-clip attachments make it simple to set up. And guess what? Putting it back in the bag is just as easy once you learn how to do it. Be sure to pay attention to the directions the first time, as it is easy to get this step wrong otherwise.

By far, the most impressive feature of this tent is the screened front porch. It is a unique addition that is not usually found on other tents of this size. Anyone who enjoys camping in the summer will want a place to sit in the outdoors without being bothered by bugs. You can take in the splendor of nature without even stepping outside your tent, relaxing as comfortably as you do on your porch at home. When it is not being occupied by campers, it is a smart place to store extra camping gear so that it stays dry. Unfortunately, the rainfly only extends halfway over the porch. This means that heavy rain will bring the chance of getting wet in this area. However, the main area of the tent will not be affected.

The Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is a smart investment for a serious camper. Whether a person is attracted to the porch or the larger size, this tent is sure to provide the comforts of home when an individual is away. The high quality materials and sturdy craftsmanship will stand up to even harsh weather, making it one of our top picks for wind and rain.

Core - 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Core is a brand of outdoor equipment that is dedicated to taking the intimidation out of camping. When people think about spending time in the outdoors, they think about being cramped in a small shelter that may become soaked after a rainstorm. But tents like the Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent prove that doesn’t have to be the case. Spacious and waterproof, it is like a home away from home. When traveling in a large group, this tent sleeps up to nine adults and provides peace of mind that rain and cool weather will not detract from a person's enjoyment.

The obvious advantage of this tent is its size. It measures 16 feet long by 9 feet wide and holds multiple beds. In fact, it feels more like a spacious glamping retreat than a traditional camping tent! The number and length of the poles make it attractive for large groups. They offer enough height for tall campers and extend the space so that no one is crowded. The outside material is quite durable and is crafted from 68D polyester. To ensure that everyone remains dry throughout a trip, this Core tent offers "H20 Block Technology". The company uses a fabric that repels water and incorporates "active bead technology". This delivers faster runoff so that leaks are never an issue. Also, all of the seams are sealed. The rain-resistant door and window seals keep the weather elements out of the shelter as well. For proper ventilation, there is one opening on the floor that is made of mesh and can be adjusted. On hot days, the cool air can enter the vent and escape through the large mesh ceiling. Want to power your electronics or appliances inside the tent? There is a convenient E-port that is fully enclosed and secured with a hook and loops so that water is not a problem. Any camper who likes to stay organized will enjoy the loft and pockets that keep things neat. Our team found that it as extremely easy to keep gadgets, tools, and other gear orderly and accessible. Even during moderate wind, the fiberglass poles keep the tent secure.

Since this tent holds a high number of campers, it is large in size and comes in a weighty package. At approximately 20 pounds, it is not something that the average hiker will want to carry on his or her back. However, it stores away nicely in the bag that is included. Despite the size, this extended dome tent is easy too assemble. Two of our team members had it up and ready within 15 minutes. We advise staking it down first so that it remains manageable and secure while being pitched. For the large size, the price is quite affordable. At this level, it is rare to find a shelter that fits three large beds and offers similar waterproof features. All things considered, it is not too tricky to put the tent away when you are done with it. However, the storage bag is a bit smaller than we would prefer. This means that it may take longer to get it back into the bag than actually removing it from the campsite.

By far, the best feature of this tent is its capacity. Few tents in this price range offer the ability to comfortably sleep nine people and to keep them dry in rainy conditions. But we also appreciate the addition of a rainfly that is fully-taped, as well as the fact that it is removable. In nice weather, this allows a camper to enjoy panoramic views through the large mesh ceiling and windows. When looking for the best waterproof tent for rain and cold, this Core tent is a solid option.

Coleman - WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

For over a century, Coleman has been producing quality camping products. Among the company’s best offerings for waterproof camping is the WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent. Most campers have had the discomfort of crawling around a small tent and being soaked after a rainstorm. With this shelter, everyone will be protected from rain, wind, and mud.

The Coleman WeatherMaster is a cabin-type tent, which means that it is tall and has large windows. It functions like a mini home away from home. The main living space measures 11 feet long by 9 feet wide by over 6 feet high. There is an attached screened room that adds additional space. As this is a flex space, you can use it any way you want, but we recommend it for storing your equipment or just for relaxing. Parents who sleep with their small children will appreciate the space that allows for larger beds. Also, there is plenty of room for toddler gear, including a pack-and-play. The wall that separates the porch from the main tent area has a waterproof 68D polyester fabric layer and a layer of mesh. This keeps the bugs and bad weather conditions outdoors. We were impressed that the panel can be unzipped and rolled to the side walls so that a large open space results. It is evident that six people can easily fit together without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. The fly on the WeatherMaster does not provide full coverage. This is due to the design that is meant to provide unobstructed views from the large windows. Although this fly does not protect the windows completely, there is a waterproof panel that can be closed when rain and wind are issues. Coleman's patented WeatherTec system works well to keep campers dry as well. The inverted seams and welded corners make sure that no moisture makes its way inside. The style of the floor is modeled after a bathtub. No water will be able to penetrate the 1000D polyethylene material. It is thick and durable, which means that pets will not be able to chew or claw through the fabric. Thanks to its spaciousness as well as its solid waterproofing, this tent makes an ideal choice if you are planning on an extended camping expedition. Even in hot months, ventilation is not a problem. Air can flow easily between the large windows and door.

As soon as we went to lift the WeatherMaster, we noticed that it was heavier than most portable tents, weighing in at 32 pounds. That means you probably are not going to want to lug it around while hiking, so it is most suitable if you can transport it in a vehicle. However, it comes with an expandable carry bag with handles. This is a nice feature and makes it easy to pull in and out of a vehicle. Once at a campsite, this tent is relatively easy to assemble. Due to the larger size, it is impossible to properly position without help. However, two of us had the WeatherMaster pitched in approximately 20 minutes. We recommend staking the corners first. This makes it easy to thread the poles and pop them into place. The poles are constructed from fiberglass that is extremely sturdy. Even the strongest wind will not stand a chance against the poles. We advise purchasing better stakes for a camping trip. Although this tent comes with metal stakes for the tent and plastic ones for the rainfly, they appear flimsy and may easily bend or break. Breaking the tent down is just as simple. Even though it may not be easy to pack away without help, two people should have no difficulties rolling it up and storing it in the carry bag. After that, just zip it up to keep everything secure while your tent is in storage.

Coleman's WeatherMaster is not the cheapest tent on the market, but its size and features make it very competitive for the money. More than just keeping you cozy and dry, it gives you a way to feel completely at home and comfortable no matter where you pitch it. It definitely provides quite a value, and it is sure to be heavily used for many camping adventures.

Tired of tent flaps that get stuck in the zipper? Rather than making you struggle with another flimsy flap, this product includes an innovative feature: a hinged door. Most tents have simple flaps that get caught up in the zipper and act in a flimsy manner. The hinge on the door makes it extremely simple to walk in and out while holding food or other gear. Families with small children will find that it is convenient when carrying the kids as well.

Overall, this Coleman WeatherMaster is the ideal camping option for families or groups that want to remain dry and enjoy spacious accommodations. It has a large living area and a screened porch, which provide a nice place to sleep, eat, and relax in the outdoor environment without being bothered by insects and other exterior pests. The durability of the materials as well as the quality of the waterproofing are hard to rival. In our opinion, it is the best tent for heavy rain and is sure to satisfy all of your camping needs.

Coleman - Sundome 4-Person Tent

Been looking for a budget-friendly tent for the occasional camping trip? The Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent is worth considering. It is a freestanding tent, which means that it can be pitched on all types of terrain. Coleman is a brand that is known for developing innovative camping gear that allows people to relax with friends at a campsite or to explore the wilderness.

The most important part of any piece of camping equipment, especially a tent, is its ability to keep a camper dry in various conditions. Thanks to Coleman's patented WeatherTec System, the floors have a tub-like design, the corners are welded, and the seams are covered. This means that water will never flood the bottom of the tent. The Sundome has a rain fly design, which keeps rain and wind from becoming problems. For extra protection, it may be wise to seal the seams at a later time. The cover is crafted from a 1000D polyethylene material, which is strong and resists tears. The official waterproof rating on this tent is slightly greater than the average umbrella. That may not sound awesome, but you shouldn’t let it hold you back from considering this tent. We feel that it is a smart idea for a novice camper to consider this tent when he or she will be using it in the summer or mild conditions. Protection from an occasional rain shower or other wet conditions is more than adequate with this piece of equipment.

Couples or small families who are looking to enjoy some outdoor fun will find that the size and shape of this tent are desirable. Its height is 59 inches, and it is wide enough for four narrow sleeping pads. If just one or two people will be sleeping in this tent, they will have extra room for their equipment. Pockets are available inside of the tent as well. These are the perfect places to store a wallet and anything else that needs to stay safe. When traveling with a generator or staying at a campground that supplies electricity, the access port will allow a camper to light the tent with an electric lantern or to power personal appliances or electronics.

Hate waking up to bright sun, or trying to sleep during the daytime? You will love this tent’s dark room technology which can prevent 90% of sunlight from penetrating to the interior. Also, it lowers the temperature so that the inside stays cooler during the hot summer months. Smaller tents tend to have ventilation issues, but this Coleman has a VariFlo system. There are two windows and a ground vent, which increases air circulation. This eliminates the inconvenience of condensation and other wetness issues.

The Coleman Sundome couldn't be easier to assemble. A single person can pitch this tent in a matter of minutes. When the expedition is at its end, collapsing the tent and putting it away is just as easy. The pole attachments clip automatically, and the fiberglass poles are durable so that minor wind is not an issue. The most obvious advantage of the Coleman Sundome is its lightweight design. It weighs under 11 pounds, which makes it extremely portable. It comes with a convenient storage bag so that it can be neatly tucked away between trips. It holds all of the poles and stakes as well. Most bags have drawstrings, but this one includes a zipper. This makes it simple to keep open when a camper is trying to slide all of the pieces inside. Since it is light and very easy to carry, it is ideal for both campers and hikers. It is a complete holiday package that helps individuals and their families enjoy the mountains, beach, or forest. No matter what a person drives, the compact size easily fits into a car, SUV, or even a motorcycle. But what really impresses us the most about this tent is how budget-friendly it is with such awesome features.

With the Coleman Sundance, campers receive a tremendous value for their money. It provides comfort to a camping trip and takes little time to set up. For beginners in particular, the ease-of-use of this tent can make for an easy transition to wilderness camping. It has definitely lived up to all of our expectations. We believe that if your budget is tight, this is the most affordable and best waterproof tent on the market.