Get the Most Out of Your Coleman 13x13 Pop-Up Tent

Meet the tent with extended eaves and see exactly what 169. square feet of shade can cover

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Published July 10, 2023
By Paul Mooner

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13x13 Coleman instant canopy
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The Coleman 13x13 eaved canopy is an ideal outdoor shade solution for anyone looking to host a large outdoor event. It typically sells for around $150 and boasts an impressive 169 square feet of shade, making it one of the best dollar-for-dollar pop-up canopy tents in terms of price to shade ratio. It specs feature 99% UV protection, easy setup with pinch-free buttons, and a highly portable 47 lbs one-piece frame.

Our in-depth review of the Coleman instant canopy serves to highlight the impressive features this pop-up tent offers, the attributes that set it apart from similar 13x13 canopies, and demonstrate why it has been the best-selling backyard shelter by those who love spending time outdoors. It's worth mentioning that a similiar tent is sold at Costco under the name Coleman Oasis, but it is not the same as this canopy sold on Amazon. The Oasis doesn't have a two-tiered vented roof along with a few other features highlighted below.

Short Summary

  • Offers UPF 50+ sun protection and water-resistant canopy cover with roof vents for temperature control.
  • Features a spring-locking central hub for easy setup and enhanced stability & durability
  • Comfort grips lock system provides a secure setup/teardown process, replacement canopies available, 1 year limited warranty included.

Exploring the Coleman 13x13 Canopy Tent

The Coleman instant tent is designed to provide a large shaded area outdoors for all your guests. It is an excellent alternative to popular 10x10 canopies that offer 100 square feet of shade because the footprint is still 10x10 but the overhanging eaves measure 13x13 providing 169 square feet of shaded area which is almost 70% more shade. The Coleman company is no stranger to durable construction as the brand was built on high-quality camping equipment, and this pop-up canopy is no exception. Here are some of our favorite features -

Sun Protection: UPF 50+

The Coleman 13x13 canopy cover is made with a khaki-colored 150D polyester that provides a distinct shelter with its UPF 50+ UV Guard material. It filters out over 99% of ultraviolet rays that can damage skin, especially important for people sensitive to sunlight or those exposed to it for extended durations. Its guaranteed coverage offers worry-free beach trips and helps you focus on creating special moments with family and friends without being concerned about UV radiation.

Water-Resistant Fabric

What good would it be if the heavy-duty shelter canopy doesn't protect you from the rain? While this fabric isn't 100% waterproof, it is coated with a water-resistant film that will undoubtedly keep you dry during brief rain showers. It wasn't raining when we unboxed the tent for our review, so we sent a cascading jet of water from a garden hose toward the canopy peak, and the droplets beaded down the eaves and off the roof leaving only small droplets of moisture behind. It's our opinion that only if the fabric has been left in the rain for extended periods will it begin to penetrate underneath, but otherwise, it offers protection comparable to shelters that are 100% waterproof during short rain showers.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

We found the one-piece steel frame and comfort grips lock system make setup a breeze, with no complicated procedures or additional tools required. It can be set up by one person and ready in just 3 minutes! The new model ships with a central locking hub system which makes setup even easier than the old corner locking system. The comfort grip locks on the legs are designed with pinch-free buttons making raising or lowering the telescoping legs super easy.

The steel alloy legs are made with a thickness of 28mm, which is just below commercial-grade pop-up tents like ABC Canopy and Eurmax which are made with 30 mm legs. The large footpads on the feet make for secure ground anchoring with the included stakes and the wheeled carry bag makes transportation easier than ever. Assembling your own personal sun shelter has never been so stress-free!

Ventilation and Temperature Control

On hot days, the 13x13 Coleman pop-up canopy is an ideal sun shelter for maximum comfort. The peak of the roof measures 9'7" so there is plenty of headroom for guests to stand, and it has a vented roof that facilitates air circulation which helps to release trapped heat inside the tent. The UV Guard fabric reflects heat and sunlight so temperatures stay cool even when conditions are extreme outside. We really like that the roof vents give the appearance of a two-tiered roof which adds a dimension not found on many traditional 10x10 canopies. This gives the shelter more of a gazebo aesthetic which is great when it's in the backyard.

The vents also serve to give protection against wind gusts as it allows the breeze to pass through the peak and not cause the tent to become unstable, or even worse, airborne during stronger wind conditions. The consistent ventilation keeps the air circulating which makes it easier to remain comfortable throughout sunny summer days spent outdoors with friends or family.

Enhancing Stability and Durability

A quick and easy setup doesn't have to come with a tradeoff in quality, and there is plenty more than just the roof vents making this a stable shelter. Its design includes a hub locking system, large welded steel feet, steel tent stakes, and tie-down ropes to ensure that it is built for durability in harsh weather conditions and strong winds at the beach. This guarantees reliable stability so the canopy can function optimally – thus providing a dependable shelter you can count on while outdoors.

Center Hub Locking System

One feature that we really love is the new spring-loaded center-locking hub system located at the peak of the tent. Coleman added this new design to the 13x13 model within the last year, and it fundamentally revolutionizes the structural integrity of the canopy while also simplifying the setup process. It enhances the overall stability by distributing the stress evenly across the entire structure, reducing rotational pressure from external forces such as rain and wind which lead to wear and tear of the weakest points, the truss connectors and corner joints.

Welded Steel Feet

The welded feet are made from the same steel as the legs, which is something not found on many tents. Some companies choose to use thick plastic for the feet, but we found that these are more prone to breaking compared to when the feet are welded to the bottom of the leg. The ground stakes that Coleman includes in the carrying bag do add stability on surfaces such as grass, but we don't recommend using them on the sand as they are not long enough to provide a stable shelter. So if you plan to use your Coleman canopy at beach use we would recommend bringing sandbags for anchors.

Tie Down Ropes

The inclusion of nylon tie-down ropes located at each corner offers an invaluable enhancement to the stability of the tent. Because of the substantial size of the 13x13 canopy top, it presents a large surface area to the wind which could make the tent behave like a sail. The stakes in the footpads might not be sufficient to keep it anchored in high winds, so this is where guy lines become a critical feature in anchoring the tent firmly to the ground.

Unique Features of the Coleman 13x13 Canopy

Several features stand out from other similar outdoor canopies like the innovative comfort grip locks. This unique feature makes assembly and disassembly a breeze, an ideal benefit for those on the go. The overhanging eaves are what make this tent particularly useful in more extreme weather conditions – something we can all appreciate when spending time outdoors. But perhaps most importantly, customers trust in Coleman’s impressive history of manufacturing durable equipment specifically designed with adventurers like us in mind!

Comfort Grip Locks

The red comfort grips are designed for easy and secure setup and teardown. The pinch-free adjustability ensures convenience without compromising safety during assembly when choosing between one of the height options. The mechanism allows users to quickly assemble or dismantle the canopy and are one of the reasons why this tent has become so popular among campers and beach-goers.

Overhanging Eaves

The overhanging eaves set the tent apart from traditional 10x10 shelters, providing extended shade coverage and additional protection from UV rays. These edges extend beyond the frame's valences to amplify its look and make for a very stylish aesthetic, compared to the vertical valence typically found on traditional pop-up canopy tents. The extended shade allows up to 10 people to sit comfortably under the tent, compared to just 6 with a normal canopy.

Lightweight Frame and Carrying Bag

A wheeled carrying bag is included with the purchase but we're somewhat disappointed in the bag itself. It seems to be made with a cheaper Denier polyester canvas and comes with a small zipper that spans from one end to the other. Red nylon straps compress the tent with buckles, and there are two double-stitched web handles that make it easy for two people to carry the bag. The frame weighs 47 lbs which is on the heavy side for a 10x10 frame, but it demonstrates the quality of the materials and steel that Coleman used in the manufacturing process. We would love to see Coleman upgrade the roller bag because the bags are typically the first thing to get damaged due to heavy wear and tear, and having one with thin fabric isn't going to help here.

Caring for Your Coleman 13x13 Canopy

For your Coleman to stand the test of time, proper maintenance and care are crucial. Ensuring the longevity of your canopy tent shouldn't be a daunting task, provided that you adhere to the necessary cleaning and storage procedures diligently.

Cleaning and Storage

Taking proper care is key to preserving its good looks and extending its life. You should clean the fabric with a damp cloth dipped in some mild soap to remove dirt or any debris, but by all means do not use the washing machine or a pressure washer as they will harm the fabric! After cleaning, make sure you leave enough time for air drying before putting away again inside to prevent a build-up of unnecessary mold and mildew. When storing your canopy tent correctly, choose an area that’s dry and cool and out of the direct sunlight to prevent dry rotting and sun wash.

Replacement Canopy Options

If your roof material needs replacing, Coleman does offer 13x13 canopy cover replacements. These are made from the same robust polyester fabric with the same water-resistant features and UV guard as the original covering so you will still have a reliable cover. Having replacement options available means that you don’t have to miss out on all of the benefits of using a Coleman canopy if yours is damaged or worn down over time. To be sure it fits properly, we always tell readers to verify compatibility specs before buying the substitute cover for your tent.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

For anyone looking for a reliable and convenient shelter for UV protection outdoors, we highly recommend the 13x13 Coleman instant canopy. With its blend of user-friendly features, strong and sturdy design, and highly-capable sun and rain resistance, this canopy sets a high standard in outdoor gear. Our favorite features include the roof vents that keep air circulating even as the outside temperature rises, and the extended eaves that provide 70% more shade than traditional tents like EZ-Up. At its current price of $150, it is the best value with the most amount of shade coverage you'll be able to find.