Is the 10x10 Eagle Peak the Easiest Pop Up Canopy to Setup?

Check out our in-depth review of the Eagle Peak canopy tent as we explore their patented Easy Peak Center Push system

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Published September 8, 2023
By Hank Murray
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Brand: Eagle Peak

Long live the days when you needed multiple people to set up a pop up canopy tent. We recently got our hands on the innovative 10x10 canopy tent from Eagle Peak, and we must say the easy setup design makes creating shade easier and faster than ever before. In fact, we decided to get two of them because we wanted to review their solid white canopy and also see the quality of their printed designs, so we got the Stars and Stripes print as well.

With features like patented center push technology, adjustable straight legs, powder-coated steel frame, and water-resistant and UV-protective materials with vents, we knew it was destined to land a spot on our list of the best pop up canopy tents. So, let's dive into some of the features we think are worth highlighting and compare them to similar canopy tents like Crown Shades so you can decide if the Eagle Peak is the best option for you.

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Short Summary

  • Offers 100 square feet of shade with adjustable straight-leg design, powder-coated steel frame, and water/UV protection for outdoor events
  • Patented push technology ensures reliability and one-person setup in minutes
  • Available in a variety of awesome prints & colors
  • How it compares to alternatives like EZ Up, Crown Shades & Leader Accessories

Eagle Peak Canopy: Features and Benefits

Eagle Peak has crafted a solid pop up canopy tent that is both stylish and highly practical. It features a durable steel frame to ensure superior quality and provides excellent protection from the elements thanks to its water resistance and UV protection materials. While it might not offer the same strength as commercial-grade cross-truss tents like Eurmax and ABC Canopy, it does hold up extremely well in windy conditions when properly anchored.

Adjustable Straight Leg Design

The 10x10 dimensions feature a straight-leg design that offers a spacious 100 square feet of shade, and the multiple height options allow you to choose the setting that best suits your needs. We love the pinch-free locking buttons that make it super easy to raise or lower the leg height, and an audible click lets you know the leg is securely locked in position. No need to mess with the old push buttons that pinch fingers or become impossible to press because they rusted in place.

Eagle Peak does offer a 10x10 slant leg tent at a cheaper price point under $100, but we always recommend straight leg construction over slant leg because they are much more stable in windy conditions and tend to last longer because of the stress that is placed on angled corners and their locking mechanisms. Not to mention the 64 square footage of shade from the slant leg design because of the smaller 8x8 canopy, resulting in few chairs underneath.

Powder Coated Steel Frame

The specialized powder coating on the Eagle Peak strengthens the steel frame and guarantees quality and durability while adding much-needed rust-resistant properties so you won't have to worry about the condition deteriorating over time. We also love that it adds an eye-catching sheen which makes the canopy seem brand new even after using it for an entire summer at the beach.

The legs measure 28mm in width and have a 1mm wall thickness, which is on par with tents from EZ-Up and Coleman but slightly thinner than the 30mm width found on many heavy-duty canopy tents. The truss bars are interconnected with oversized washers and sturdy hardware that allows the roof to easily glide open, an important feature when coupled with the center push technology design.

Water-resistant and UV Protection Materials

To keep your plans from being ruined by unexpected weather, the Eagle Peak roof is designed with materials like polyester and polyethylene that offer water resistance as well as UV protection to guard against sun damage. One feature that we like is the holes with metal grommets located toward the bottom of the roof to prevent water from pooling on the canopy. This is a highly underrated feature because the #1 reason for canopy collapse or damage is from water pooling on the canopy, and so with these holes, the water is able to properly drain from the roof. The corners and edges are all double-stitched to prevent water penetration.

We really love that the polyethylene material is rated at UPF 50+ which blocks 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays. While this is important for any outdoor event, it is especially important at the beach as sunscreen becomes less effective after being in the water and toweling off, so having a pop up canopy tent with these protections is an absolute must.

Vented Roof Design

The vented peak is one of the most unique features of the Eagle Peak canopy tent, and in our opinion is the best-vented roof that we have reviewed in recent memory. This is because they use flexible plastic in the leading edge to prop up the vent and form an arch, allowing the air underneath to easily escape even when there is no breeze. This is in contrast to other vented canopies where the canvas lays loose and only lifts up while the wind is blowing. A mesh netting is located underneath each vent to keep the material tight and connected which is important for maintaining its shape.

Easy Peak Center Push Technology

A big reason the 10x10 Eagle Peak has so many 5-star reviews is due to the center push system. This revolutionary system simplifies the assembly process, so you can spend less time on complex instructions and more time enjoying the shade. It is one of the only 10x10 pop up canopy tents specifically made for single-person setup, and it's so easy it can be done in under 2 minutes. In fact, it was the fastest setup of any canopy tent we have ever reviewed!

Easy Peak Center Hub

The patented Easy Peak technology makes setting up the canopy a breeze and provides more stability when compared to traditional pyramid-style frames. The cross bars extend laterally from the hub to create rotational support much like a full cross-truss frame, but the Eagle Peak does so with much less material to keep it lightweight and portable. As a result, it can withstand windy conditions much better than other pyramid-style canopies.

One unique thing to highlight is that the Eagle Peak doesn't have locking mechanisms at the top corners because it is the hub system that secures the roof structure into place. At first, we tried lifting and locking each corner only to realize it wasn't 'clicking' in because there weren't any corner locks, so don't waste time trying to lock the corners into place!

Quick and Easy Setup

We experienced our fastest setup process ever with Eagle Peak. We simply opened the carrying bag, expanded the frame just enough to be able to attach the roof, then went under the center and pushed the hub upwards until the hub locked into place. This simultaneously expanded the shelter to the 10x10 dimensions, so all that was left to do was lift the legs to our desired height and anchor it to the ground.

For anchoring, there are 8 ground stakes and 4 guylines included with the tent. The stakes are your standard steel spikes which will work just fine on grass surfaces, but we wish sandbags were included because they are the better option for securing the shelter on concrete or sand.

Taking the canopy down was just as simple. First, we lowered the legs so we could reach the hub. Next, we went underneath and turned the red dial on the hub which released the metal rod that supports the canopy. The shelter immediately began to fold in, and all that was left to do was get out from underneath and push the legs in toward the center.

Portability and Storage

At just 34 pounds, the Eagle Peak guarantees easy transportation and storage due to its compact design as well as the ability to fold down into a 4-foot-tall wheeled carry case. This makes it possible to fit into most car trunks, so you can take your canopy tent anywhere with ease. The lightweight build ensures convenience when comparing it to the average pop up canopy weight at 42 lbs, so transporting it to a campsite or picnic area where you need to walk some distance to your spot isn't a problem.

Wheeled Carry Case for Convenience

The quality of the wheeled carrying case is somewhat disappointing but is in line with similar canopy tents of the same price range. The bottom-end zipper design makes it difficult to get the frame and roof canvas inside, especially with the plastic vent arch which is awkward to pack away. Some tents can be stored with their canvas still attached, but we had to take it off to fit in the carrying bag properly. We prefer carrying bags that have full-length zippers from top to bottom as it makes packing the canopy much easier.

The nylon handles are double stitched and make it easy to lift or roll, but the wheels are small and often get stuck on small stones and you feel every bump on rough terrain. We found it was just easier to carry it over our shoulders than having to mess with rolling the bag on the ground.

Gray canopy tent wheeled roller bagCarrying bag for Eagle Peak tentSetup instructions stitched on outside of canopy tent carrying bagNylon carrying handles on Eagle Peak bag

Compact Size for Car Trunks

One thing we were surprised about is how compact the carrying case is, eliminating any hassle that may come with moving and transporting your tent because it can easily fit inside most car trunks. Compared to the Eurmax 10x10 carrying bag dimensions, it's almost 2 feet shorter! We can't fit the Eurmax in any sedan trunk without putting down a backseat, but that isn't an issue with the Eagle Peak. This is an important consideration as they both offer the same 100 square feet of shade, so if trunk or storage space is tight Eagle Peak is likely the better option.

Unique Canvas Prints

We can't even begin to say how much we love our Stars and Stripes print. The resolution is so high-quality that the stitching on the stars looks like they could be embroidered on the canopy. The shadowing of the flag is life-like and the colors are rich and vibrant. Eagle Peak offers a number of different flags, printed designs, and every solid color you can think of to choose what suits you best for your occasion or aesthetic theme. The fruit and vegetable designs are perfect for farmer's markets and could save vendors hundreds of dollars compared to getting one custom-printed.

Crown Shades vs. Eagle Peak

When selecting a canopy tent, it is important to evaluate alternatives and comparable options so you can make the best decision. Brands like EZ-Up, Leader Accessories, and Coleman all have similar 10x10 tents, but the one that is most similar to Eagle Peak is made by Crown Shades. The two share a similar center hub push technology for easy one-person setup, but there are a few differences between the two pop up canopy tents that we want to highlight.

First, Crown Shades does not have metal grommets to prevent water from pooling on the canopy. If you live in a wet part of the country or are planning to keep your tent up overnight, Eagle Peak is likely going to be the better option for you as it will hold up to the rainy conditions better in the long run.

Second, Eagle Peak has better designs and prints than Crown Shades. We've reviewed and tested both, and the quality and detail of the printing are noticeably better on the Eagle Peak canopies. If you are looking for an American Flag or a fruit or vegetable print for a farmers market, then we would recommend Eagle Peak.

The last thing to mention is pricing. Eagle Peak seems to discount its products more frequently than Crown Shades, so you may be able to get a similar quality tent more affordably. Crown Shade 10x10 tents typically sell for around $140, and Eagle Peak is usually around $123 for the same solid color canvas when discounted.


We finally got our hands on the 10x10 Eagle Peak to test out the one-person setup, and we're so glad we did. There are many reasons to like this canopy, starting with the easy setup, affordable price, pinch-free push buttons, innovative center peak technology design, water-resistant canvas with drain holes, vented roof, printed designs, sturdy frame construction, and compact storage dimensions.

Our least favorite thing was the quality of the carrying bag. Not a huge deal but something that might turn people away if that is important to them. Overall, we think the Eagle Peak canopy is a great deal at its current price and will provide you with the comfort to enjoy any outdoor activity of your choice.