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Sunburn is a serious risk that we must consider whenever taking our baby or toddler to the beach. An infants skin is particularly vulnerable during the first 6 months of life because they haven’t yet developed all of the melanin, the skin pigment that provides sun protection, that they will have when they get older. In addition to this, due to how delicate the skin is early in life pediatricians only recommend introducing sunscreen around 6 months of age. This ultimately leaves parents with one option during the first few months, to shield them from the sun. It’s our responsibility to do whatever is necessary to protect our children in these vulnerable stages of life. Fortunately, the best baby beach tents are able to protect our baby or toddler from harmful ultraviolet radiation and also provide a comfortable shaded area to play.

The top baby tents are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience, affordability, and portability. For parents who already have arms full of baby products, it is much easier to carry a lightweight 7-pound pop up tent over a shoulder than to drag a 45-pound canopy tent behind you. Baby sun tents are the perfect size for beach use because they are small enough to easily fit on a crowded beach in tight spaces, but also large enough to play or park a stroller underneath them.

We prefer sun shelters that remain usable as your baby grows. We found the best tent is a one that is large enough to fit the entire family, not just a baby or toddler. There are many sun shelters that are built and marketed specifically for small children. These are effective when your child is small, but they’re not practical for a growing family This is why we recommend purchasing a traditional beach tent instead of a smaller UV tent for a baby. Beach shades designed for adults have all of the features that make baby pop up tents appealing; like UV protection, instant setup, portability, etc. But they are large enough that they can continue to be used as the baby grows. Parents will get value from a beach sun tent, regardless of whether or not they are vacationing with their baby. Most are large enough that two adults can comfortably sit in a beach chair within their shade. They are also great places to station a cooler and beach gear.

We’d much rather see our readers get long term use out of their sun shade, rather than have them sit in storage once their baby or toddler outgrows it. When your child is small, the beach tents that we recommend will keep them safe and cool while you relax and enjoy the sunshine. But, when that time eventually comes when your child won’t need constant sun protection anymore, you will still be able to use your shelter as your own beach oasis. We have made it our mission to not only find a great tent, but specifically identified ones that will serve as the best beach tent for any family with a baby.

Best Beach Shelters Reviews
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Rank Baby Beach Tents Price
1 Pacific Breeze - Sand & Surf Beach Shelter
Pacific Breeze - Sand & Surf Beach Shelter
2 Easthills Outdoors - Easy Up Beach Tent
Easthills Outdoors - Easy Up Beach Tent
3 WolfWise - Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Baby Canopy
WolfWise - Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Baby Canopy
4 Lightspeed Outdoors - Sun Shelter
Lightspeed Outdoors - Sun Shelter
5 Pacific Breeze - Easy Up Beach Tent
Pacific Breeze - Easy Up Beach Tent

Baby Beach Tent Reviews
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Pacific Breeze - Sand & Surf Beach Shelter

The Pacific Breeze Sand & Surf Beach Shelter was a no brainer when our team set out to find the best baby beach tent. Pacific Breeze is a company well known for manufacturing some of the highest quality beach shelters on the market today. As always, the first criterion for parents in search of a UV tent for a baby is the use of 50+ UPF in the canopy material, which this baby sun shade achieves through the use of lightweight polyester. What initially caught our eye was the open-air concept of this shelter. Unlike the common and popular half dome shelter, this canopy gives beach lovers the option of having 3 of the 4 sides completely open while offering full overhead protection. Even the best ventilated half dome shelters with 3 windows can still become overheated on a hot summer day. Having the open sides can provide a much-needed breeze to keep those napping babies asleep. In addition to the unmatched air circulation and ventilation this offers, the ability to have 180 degrees of unobstructed panoramic beach views is something that our team absolutely loves and any parent will appreciate as their child begins to wander down the shoreline. Along with the unhindered views, the biggest selling point is the actual size of this shelter. Pacific Breeze makes two XL shelters; this one, and the Easy Up Beach Tent Deluxe XL. Because of the square design of this shelter, it provides 62 square feet of floor space compared to the roughly 28 square feet of floor space the Deluxe XL offers. We love the Deluxe XL, but the size of the Sand & Surf Shelter is unmatched. For a family of 4 or 5 with a baby or toddler in tow, we highly recommend this tent.

When our pop up shelter first arrived, it felt slightly heavier than most of the other products we have reviewed. After removing it from the packaging, the tent weighed in at just over 9 lbs. which is heavier than the average 7 lbs. of most half dome baby pop up tents. This is a direct result of the increased amount of polyethylene tarp material used in the flooring. Although the tent is significantly larger than most, it packs into a carrying tote bag that is of similar size to the industry standard of 38 x 7 x 7 inches which is a credit to the engineering team. All the top baby tents come equipped with a central compression hub system. This allows the fiberglass rods to come fully integrated throughout the canopy and also allows for quick and easy setup, perfect for any parent with mobile children. The most common compression systems are top-pull and side-pull hubs, but the Sand & Surf Shelter comes equipped with a bottom pull hub which we actually found the be the most difficult of any to setup. Some might find the requirement to crawl underneath the canopy to lift the compression upwards more difficult than they had hoped. However, it is still very easy for one person to accomplish, and the tent immediately pops open in seconds. Conversely, teardown is very simple and very fast. We completed it in less than 45 seconds as the entire shelter folds together easily and securely fit inside the carrying tote.

As mentioned, our favorite feature of this baby sun shade tent is the ability to fit the entire family in a shaded area that prevents being exposed to those harmful UV rays. The large square footage is something you won’t find in any other UV tent for a baby. It will comfortably house 2 adults and 3 children. It is the perfect size to set up a small inflatable infant pool underneath, and we think your child will really appreciate that option on a hot summer day. Second to that, the ability to unzip the floor to allow a baby or toddler to play in the sand while still being in the shade is something that our team found to be incredibly thoughtful. In addition, the option for parents put their feet and chairs in the sand and still be in the shade is something we also think you will greatly appreciate. Or keep the floor zipped for a less sandy baby or have a lunchtime picnic with the family without exposing food and blankets to the sand.

Another great feature parents will really enjoy is the removable sunwall, or what Pacific Breeze refers to as the attachable shadow. The sunwall comes included with the purchase, and increases the functionality of the tent as it blocks UV rays when the sun begins to get lower in the horizon. It attaches to any side of the beach tent via toggles, and we found it to be a great feature to get extra shade without having to move the shelter as the sun moves throughout the day. And if it’s a hot day, remove the panel to allow for maximum ventilation. Another thoughtful feature that parents will surely appreciate are the internal pockets that are located toward the top of the canopy, conveniently located out of reach from those cell phone seeking children.

Overall, this X-Large baby sun shade tent is the perfect option for the entire family to keep cool on a hot day at the shore. The ability for a child to play in the sand, or nap on the flooring, all while still being protected from the sun with the best UV material is a top-notch idea. Its good value for the money, looks great, and is top class in every respect. It’s the best baby beach tent, hands down.

Easthills Outdoors - Easy Up Beach Tent

The Easthills Outdoors Easy Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter is an excellent option for any family with a baby or toddler in tow. Easthills Outdoors is a small company that was born out of necessity of the founders, because a few guys realized the quality gear they desired for their outdoor adventures just didn’t exist. After reading thousands of customer reviews, talking to and listening to beach lovers all over the world, Easthills created a shelter that would catapult them into instant pop up sun shelter fame. Since then they have fine-tuned manufacturing and this Easy Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter is the culmination of everything they have learned over the years. It rightly could be considered the best UV tent for a baby on the market today thanks to the 50+ UPF lightweight canopy material, excellent ventilation, and extended front porch capable of zipping up for added privacy. But what really sets this tent apart is the overall value it offers in terms of quality to price. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications and how they stack up against the others.

The first thing we noticed when our tent arrived was how lightweight the packaging was. The entire package, shipping box included, was just over 6 lbs. We opened it almost expecting they forgot to put the shelter in the box. Fortunately, this was not the case and the tent was securely packed the carrying tote that comes with purchase. The tent itself weighs just over 4 lbs., which very easily makes it the lightest compression hub tent we have reviewed thus far. For parents with small children, portability is a top criterion next to sun protection and this is as easily transportable as they come. Crafted from ultra-lightweight 185T polyester coated with UPF 50+ for the best sun protection there is, we’ve been hard pressed to find a better material for baby sun shade. A trip to the beach with children often includes both hands filled with bags, coolers, toys, chairs, and towels. The carrying tote is easy to sling over a shoulder and has compact dimensions of 42 x 7 inches. This will come in handy when your children are a little older and capable of lending a helping hand. Some might find that the initial set up is a little more difficult than expected. It took us roughly 3 minutes from the time we removed the bag until it was fully set up for the very first time however it has gotten much easier with each use and now takes roughly 30 seconds each time we set it up. We attributed this to the poles having never been flexed into their fixed position yet so it took some massaging initially until the fiberglass poles became worked and the tent knew how to ‘fall’. Setup is as easy as standing over the top of the tent, and with two hands pulling the drawstrings on the hub mechanism upward and out until the lower and upper hubs snap into place. The integrated fiberglass rods flex into place and the tent takes shape. Again, this first time will be the most difficult but it will get much easier with each use. Teardown is just as simple. Located on the rods just underneath the hub system are two red stickers that read ‘PUSH’. Oddly enough, pushing on these rods with a little bit of pressure will collapse the tent with ease.

This specific shelter is a top baby beach tent contender because of the features that make life easier for any parent of an infant or toddler. The majority of tents in the mid-size (2 adults) sun shelters only offer 1 or 2 mesh windows. Of all the pop up sun shelters that we have reviewed over the years, we haven’t been able to figure out why all shelters do not include the 3 side mesh windows which allow for a panoramic view and maximum circulation. Never once have we talked to a beach lover that said ‘I wish my tent had fewer windows’. Toddlers and especially infants are prone to overheating quicker than adults so allowing air to pass through the tent on a hot day is absolutely critical. One window might not allow adequate circulation, but having 3 windows allows a breeze to penetrate the shelter from any direction. We found the external sand pockets to be very helpful during our time at the beach with slight wind gusts. The included guy lines are helpful in most windy conditions but we found the stakes have some difficulty securely staying in loose sand. However with 10 stakes included, it provides more than enough support in case a few become unlogged in the sand. Our favorite attribute of this shelter, one that makes it a great option for families with babies; the extended zippered front porch that can be used for changing a baby, breastfeeding, or protecting a napping infant from sand and wind. This might be our favorite tent with a closeable front porch because the use of a zipper as opposed to clips, and the full coverage of the open facing front it protects. We found it useful for those times away from the tent, whether it is a long walk on the beach or a trip back to the house. Easily zip all belongings inside the tent and there is no need to worry about anything being exposed to people passing by. It can also be zipped half way to create the perfect play pen for those toddlers that are becoming more mobile. The material of the porch is a 120 gram polyethylene tarp material which we found to be of great quality. The seams that meet the tent are well stitched and we think it will last many summers of heavy use and harsh sandy conditions.

Overall, it’s hard to pick against this tent for the top spot in our search for the best baby beach tent. We think it provides the some of the best value as it is constructed with high quality materials and is one of the most portable and affordable pop up sun shelters on the market. We highly recommend this tent for any family with a toddler.

WolfWise - Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Baby Canopy

Baby pop up tents fall into one of two major design categories. Most of the products that we recommend are in the external frame category. These products have tent poles permanently connected to each other with fixed joints. Whenever you pull on the drawstrings, the frame expands and the shelter pops open. The other common beach tent design has internal flex frames. Flex frame tents can be twisted and folded without breaking any tent poles. This allows manufacturers to construct the tent and frame as a single component, which leads to many advantages. Many of the baby beach tents we recommend are from the first category because we like to recommend pop up tents that are dynamic enough to continue to be used after your baby grows. Flex framed sun tents tend to be smaller and made with lesser quality than external framed sun tents. So, we usually don’t recommend them. But one flex framed UV tent for a baby deviated from this norm and impressed us during testing. The WolfWise Easy Pop Up sun tent is the best flex framed baby sun tent on the market. Flex framed tents offer many benefits. We have been discouraged because we haven’t been able to find one that we think offers enough value to break into our top baby tent collection. We were thrilled when we finally stumbled upon the WolfWise Easy Pop Up beach shade because it is built with high quality materials that we think will be able to withstand years of abuse without failure, and is also large enough that it is able to be used by adults as well as children. The WolfWise Easy Pop Up sun shade is not a toy, or constructed of cheap material like many true baby beach tents seem to be. It is a high-quality sun shelter and is one of the best baby shelters available today.

The WolfWise Easy Pop Up UV tent for a baby does not have an external frame. Instead, it has a set of malleable fiberglass internal support structures that expand outwards, giving the shelter its form. Since its internal support is flexible, it is almost impossible to break. In order to break the internal frame, you would have to make an effort to intentionally fold a beam in half. However, even when we tried this the frame just creased and didn’t actually crack. The flexibility of the WolfWise’s frame makes it the most wind resistant baby sun tent on our list. We aimed an industrial fan at ours and the shelter misshaped and bent, as expected. But as soon as we turned off the fan, it popped right back up to its original form. If you are concerned with your frame poles cracking or joints failing on a windy beach, this product might be your best option.

Another benefit of a completely internal frame is that there is no risk of losing any pieces. All of the components are self-contained and encompassed inside the fabric, so there isn’t any way to lose a piece in the sand. This is also a great feature many people overlook with a flex frame beach tent. We found the inability for sand to penetrate the joints and cause friction or rubbing at their most vulnerable points, like you might find with external frame shelters, will greatly increase the longevity of the product.

We found setup to be a breeze, and actually enjoyable. To pack the tent away, you fold it in a way that the internal frame is restricted from expanding. The frame wants to spring open, but it is constrained because of the way that it is folded into itself. To set up the tent, all you need to do is allow the internal frame to expand naturally. By twisting the collapsed tent, you free the frame to expand and it opens by itself in less than a second. The easy setup is convenient for parents. You know that whenever you get to the beach, your toddler is going to want to start exploring immediately. The last thing you want to have to worry about is corralling your child while you attempt to set up a clunky tent frame. Once the WolfWise Easy Pop Up shade is set up, you can tie it down with the included stakes and pre-attached guy lines, ensuring that your baby pop up tent will remain secure if an unexpected sea breeze blows in. It also has weight pockets along the bottom edge of the floor. You can fill these pockets with sand, which weighs down the tent, adding additional protection from wind.

Tear down is just as simple. After you remove the stakes and the sand from the pockets, you lift the shade and twist the top and bottom in opposite directions. This might be difficult and confusing initially, as it feels unnatural to be twisting the frame in the opposite directions. It took us a few attempts to feel comfortable with the process, and now it’s incredibly easy. Twisting in opposite directions will cause the frame to collapse and roll. When it is packed it retains the shape of a disk about 2 feet wide and 2 inches thick. In its packed state it is easy to transport, which is important when you have a baby and your arms are already filled with baby products. The tent weighs about 3 pounds, which is the lightest baby pop up tent on our list and barely noticeable when you have it slung over your shoulder.

The biggest reason that many parents purchase a UV tent for baby is because they want to protect their baby from harmful ultraviolet radiation. It is important to look at the ratings of the fabric of the product that you are interested in. To us, this is the most important characteristic of a baby sun tent and we only recommend ones with the highest possible rating. The WolfWise Easy Pop Up tent is no exception to that statement. It is constructed with 190-T durable polyester which is rated UPF 50+. This is the highest possible ultraviolet protection factor and signifies that the fabric will block at least 98% of the UV rays that come into contact with the fabric. Sunburn is not a matter to take lightly. If you do decide to explore beach tents outside of our list, make sure you are satisfied with their UPF rating.

The WolfWise Easy Pop Up canopy is the best value internal flex frame beach tent and, in our opinion, is one of the best sun tents on the market. Most internal flex frame tents are small and will not be usable in a few years when your baby outgrows it. But the WolfWise Easy Pop Up shelter will provide value to owners of all ages. It is virtually indestructible so you will never have to worry about it breaking, no matter how much abuse it receives. Since all of the pieces are self-contained you won’t ever have to worry about losing any parts. Its thick durable fabric provides the highest level of sun protection so you can rest assured that whoever is sitting under it will remain completely protected from harmful UV rays. If you are looking for one of the easiest worry-free beach tents on the market, we recommend that you take a serious look at the WolfWise Easy Pop Up beach tent.

Lightspeed Outdoors - Sun Shelter

Lightspeed Outdoors impresses again with what might be the best baby beach tent on the market today. In 7 short years, Lightspeed Outdoors has grown from a small brand to one of the biggest players in instant setup gear. From leisurely family beach trips to outdoor camping and hiking excursions, their products have become the go-to option for those looking for the highest quality equipment. We have reviewed a number of products from this company during our search for a baby pop up tent, and every one of them has far surpassed our expectations. But none more so than the Lightspeed Outdoors Sun Shelter with Clip-Up Privacy Feature. A useful combination of lightweight and spacious, this sun shelter provides some of largest shaded square footage at a very reasonable price. It provides similar dimensions and square footage as the XL shelters without the price tag, which any budgeting mom or dad will appreciate. Our team especially loved the clip up privacy feature; which will come in handy for those changing a diaper, nursing a baby, keeping a toddler asleep, or closing up belongings for a trip back to the beach house during lunch. This privacy feature alone can make any pop up beach shelter better suited for baby sun shade. But this UV tent for a baby packs more features than just a fold up porch so let’s take a look at what makes it one of the best.

At a weight of just 7 lbs., this shelter is on the lighter side in comparison to other canopies with similar dimensions. This is largely a result of the lightweight 8.5mm fiberglass poles integrated throughout the canopy top and the breathable polyurethane water-resistant canopy. The canopy arrived in a carrying tote with dimensions of 43 x 5 inches which is slightly longer than the average carrying tote, but does not impact portability in the least. Upon opening the shelter for the first time, we quickly understood why Lightspeed Outdoors chose a side-pull compression hub system. With a similar motion to that of a bow and arrow, we placed one hand on the hub and pulled the drawstring back with the other hand. It was arguably the easiest baby beach tent setup we’ve seen while testing, and took less than 30 seconds from removing from the tote until fully setup. When it was time to teardown, the process was nearly as simple, taking less than 1 minute to fully pack into the tote. We love that there is a buckle clip included to keep the pop up rolled up in the carrying bag for easy packing. This convenience is something we think every parent will surely love.

As for the features that make this a top baby pop up tent, we think it starts with the clip up front porch for privacy. The polyester oxford porch is high quality that we think will withstand repeated use and abuse from tough beach conditions for years to come. We’re beginning to see more and more manufacturers incorporate this feature into their sun shelters because of the versatility it adds. Beach lovers, especially those with small children, have found it very useful in any situation that requires more privacy. We would prefer if the porch used a zipper instead of the clip toggles as we have found a zipper to be easier to use and less prone to tearing, however the clips are a high quality stitch and we think will fare just fine with repeated use. A crowded beach in the summer time often requires families to be in close quarters with their neighbors and privacy can be a premium. Breastfeeding without overheating is a tough task without proper ventilation. The capability to clip up the privacy wall, yet still have 3 oversized windows that allow for air circulation is a feature all nursing moms will love. We found that we could easily close the windows on those cool windy days or when privacy is needed, or easily open to allow maximum air flow on hot days. This ability to control temperature under the canopy is a great feature for a baby beach tent.

When we put this baby pop up tent through our review, it was a day with sustained winds of about 15 mph and this shelter handled the gusts exceptionally well. The fiberglass rods flexed and bowed but didn’t break or collapse at any joint. We did use the provided 8 stakes attached to guylines and looped through the canopy material to help keep the shelter securely on the ground. We also filled the sand bags that attach to the bottom of the tent floors which we found helped significantly. Even in very windy conditions, this shelter would certainly not tumble down the beach like a 10x10 pop up canopy might.

Overall, LightSpeed Outdoors hit the nail on the head. Our team especially loves the how easy it is to setup and take down while at the shore. The convenience and portability will not be overlooked by busy mom and dad’s traveling to the beach for their summer vacation. A big shelter, with big windows, and a big clip up privacy wall; if you’re looking for an exceptional sun shelter for your family look no further.

Pacific Breeze - Easy Up Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze is the highest selling beach tent brand on the market for a reason. They are able to build excellent products at competitive prices. Their Easy Up pop up tent is a prime example of this statement. It is the top selling baby pop up tent on Amazon because it is made with high quality yet maintains an affordable price tag. We chose to put this on out best baby beach tent list because it is one of the lightest external-frame tent that we have reviewed. Portability is a valuable characteristic for parents who have to transport a large bag of baby products in addition to their beach shelter. Since this is the most portable baby pop up tent on the market, we believe that it will appeal to a wide range of consumers. The Pacific Breeze Easy Up pop up tent is one of the lowest priced sun tents available, adding to its popularity. The brand sacrificed non-essential bulky features to reduce weight and costs. By using fewer materials, Pacific Breeze is able to reduce production costs and sell their products at a low price while not sacrificing quality. We love the fact that Pacific Breeze designed a pragmatic bare-bones model as a means of cost cutting, rather than use cheap parts like we see some other manufacturers do. We are big fans of the Pacific Breeze Easy Up sun tent because of its simple effective design and proven performance. Based on our findings during the testing and review of this tent, we believe the Pacific Breeze Easy Up is built for the long haul.

It is often difficult to find a parking spot close to the beach. So, it is important that you are able to carry all of your beach and baby gear in one trip. The Pacific Breeze Easy Up shade shelter weighs less than 4.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest external frame baby sun tent that we have reviewed. To help put that into perspective, most sun shades weigh 7-8 pounds. It collapses and packs into a carry bag similar to the size of a camp chair’s carry bag, which makes it easy to throw over a shoulder for transport. When you’re walking to the beach, you hardly notice when you have it strapped over your shoulder. It’s that lightweight. We found it is much easier to transport a product like this than to try to pull a canopy tent or a 6 foot-long beach umbrella over your shoulder.

Sharing new experiences with your child is one of the great benefits of parenting. Once you get to the beach, your child is going to be excited about the new environment and want to explore with you. You will have to set up your sitting area in the sand while trying to contain your inquisitive child. This isn’t an easy task. The last thing you want to have to worry about is spending any significant time setting up your baby beach tent. Another reason that we like the Pacific Breeze Easy Up baby sun tent so much is because of how easy it is to set up. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it takes less than 30 seconds to set up and tear down. This is a life saver when you have a curious toddler. To set up the beach tent, all you do is remove it from the bag and untie a small cord which allows the legs to naturally fall open. Next you pull a drawstring towards you. The drawstring is attached to the frame in a way that whenever you pull the drawstring, it expands the frame and opens the tent. The process is simple. Teardown is just as easy, which is also important because teardown usually occurs at the end of the day when small children are tired and don’t want to wait while you pack up. There is a central hub in the ceiling of the sun shelter frame. When you detach this hub, the frame loses its rigidity and the tent collapses.

The most important reason that you purchase a sun shelter for your baby is so that you can provide him or her protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. The Pacific Breeze Easy Up canopy has very thin polyester, which is one of the main reasons that the shelter is so lightweight. But, despite the thin nature of the fabric, it is highly resistant to UV Rays. The fabric is rated UPF 50+, which is the highest polyester rating. This rating means that the fabric will repel over 98% of the rays that come into contact with it. This is a great rating and will ensure that your baby will be protected from sunburn. The Pacific Breeze Easy Up beach tent is the lightest UV tent for baby on the market that is able to provide this high level of sun protection.

Baby sun tents are essential products for a beach vacation with a young child. They will provide an oasis for the baby to play in, while being protected from the sun. Your baby will be able to sleep peacefully in the shade of a pop up tent, shielded from sun, wind, and debris. The Pacific Breeze Easy Up shelter is one of the most affordable UV tent for babies available. But, it is still built with the quality to last through years of abuse at the beach. It is a wonderful product to have if you want to go to the beach and take a small child with you, but it is also a great product for adults. The Easy Up sun shade is about 4 feet tall, which is plenty of room for kids or an adult to sit under in a beach chair, so even years down the road as your baby grows up, your beach tent will still be valuable to you. It also provides a nice protected and shaded area to place a cooler in as well as your valuables.

Overall, we are enthusiastic to vouch for the Pacific Breeze Easy Up baby beach tent and believe that it is one of the best pop up beach tents on the market. It is the perfect option for somebody looking for a lower-end, but well-built beach tent. It is also the best option for anybody who strongly values portability.