Marketing at Your Next Trade Show

Marketing at Your Next Trade Show

Sometimes the canopy tent you use influences what potential customers think of your brand.

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Every business, charity, organization, fundraiser, radio station, school, police department that holds events indoors or outdoors needs a company branded pop up canopy tent. The reason is simple. Canopy tents are one of the most versatile promotional tool that any organization can own. Often associated with recreational use and beach goers, the commercial use of a canopy tent has increased steadily over the past decade. They are great indoors as convention booths at trade shows and exhibitions, and perfect for outdoor events to protect employees or volunteers from the elements. Completely customizable to fit any business’s needs, instant shelters come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Marketing and sales team’s love the stylish and practical convenience these canopy tents offer, their affordability, and most of all the durability and portability for repeated use. Most tents are now made of lightweight materials and comprise of a single one piece frame so setup and teardown are hassle free and each pop up tent comes equipped with a carrying bag that will fit into any car and make hustling from one event to the next easier. Marketing and graphics companies have created customizable designs to maximize promotional value across the most visible aspects of the tents, from the valances to half skirts and full side walls. The popular 10 x 10 design gives a professional look while boldly marketing an organization's logo and increasing brand awareness to those attending the event.

One of the most important events for lead generation on any sales team is the trade show exhibit. Research suggests that over 75% of attendees at a trade show are a potential customer, which makes them one of the best ways for a company to obtain new leads. Customers approach booths with specific questions in mind ultimately trying to find a business that can help solve their problems. They create an environment that encourages attendee/vendor interaction and fosters a more intimate and personal way to learn exactly how that business can help them. This is the biggest reason sales teams love having a company booth at a trade show. But with sometimes upwards of 1,000 businesses vying for the attention of attendees it can be difficult for your business to stand out. We’re here to show you exactly what to look for to find the best pop up canopy tent for your trade show exhibit and help your business attract customers.

First, the quality of the materials used in the construction of the tent is critical in making a good first impression. What kind of signal would it be sending if one of the telescoping legs were bent or the canopy material is fraying at the seams? A cheap appearance could be very offsetting for a potential customer, showing that if you invest in cheap products it might reflect your brand value as cheap as well. Commercial tents are typically heavier than their recreational counterparts because they are manufactured with a high grade steel frame compared to the typical lightweight aluminum. The second reason for the added weight is that most commercial tents use a full cross truss system. Most recreational tents have perimeter trusses creating a pyramid shape in the canopy, while the cross truss utilizes the mid points on the sides and creates support throughout the center of the canopy. This type of design is intricate and uses more materials, which adds slightly to the weight of the product. Both of these specifications create stability not seen in many recreational tents and will surely add years of life to the tent, making them well worth the investment.

We strongly recommend the traditional 10’ x 10’ size for your promotional canopy tent for a couple of reasons. Companies often rent floor space at trade shows by the square foot. Even if your company decides to rent a larger space, we have found in very few situations does one need more than 100 sq ft of tent space. If there is ample floor space outside of the tent, place high top tables filled with branded water bottles, pens, and koozies that allow a sales representative to talk more in depth with a potential client, one on one, away from the highly trafficked table under the tent. An overcrowded exhibit can inhibit attendees from stopping to talk to your sales team. Remember, the pop up canopy tent serves as a promotional tool first. Just the presence of it provides people passing by a quick glimpse at your company logo and raise brand awareness.

For the promotional canopy tent, it’s all about the graphics. There are a ton of options and places to put your company logo, but you don’t want to overdo it. Having a crowded and busy design can potentially take away from showcasing your exhibit. We recommend having the company logo on all 4 sides of the top canopy to be visible from anywhere in a 360 degree radius of the booth. On the valence, use a color that contrasts well with the top canopy color to create a nice two tone look. The valance is the perfect place to put the company website and Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram handles. One of the most effective add-ons to the canopy tent is a backwall with customized graphics tailored to your company’s mission. It stops attendees from seeing through your exhibit and keeps them engaged with your booth during a conversation. Because it is directly at eye level it tends to be very valuable real estate. We recommend using this space to highlight the competitive advantages of your business through infographics. A half sidewall attached to the telescoping legs of the canopy tent can also serve as a great add-on accessory. The top of the sidewall comes about waist high as to not block light or air coming through the tent. And lastly, the table skirt is a must for any table underneath the pop up tent. Match this with the design on the top of the canopy for a uniform look. It serves as yet another place for company branding, but most of all it allows those working the booth to hide belongings and travel materials while maintaining a professional appearance.

For all of these reasons, a canopy tent will serve as the best promotional tool for any business at community events, staff functions, trade shows, or farmers market. Add vibrant graphics and logos to the canopy to really set your company apart from the rest. We would be happy to help you pick out the best pop up canopy tent for an upcoming trade show, just contact us!

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