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Getting ready for a beach vacation, barbeque, yard sale, weekend in the woods, farmer's market, or another outdoor event? Do you find yourself constantly checking the forecast, wondering whether your event will be rained out?

You have enough to plan. The last thing you need is to be worried about the weather. Rain or shine, you'll have a great time with a pop-up canopy tent. The right tent will keep you dry in light rain, stop the wind from buffeting you day in and day out, and even help to protect you from the sun's UV rays.

It's true — canopy tents used to be clunky, requiring an elaborate setup process with complex diagrams. Poles on old-fashioned tents were cumbersome, making it a challenge to set them up. But tent technology and ease-of-use have evolved considerably over the past decade. Modern canopy tent frames ship as a single unit with sophisticated telescoping legs and high quality folding roofs. They are lightweight and convenient. One or two people can set one up in under five minutes.

Canopy tents come in all shapes and sizes they are available with a wide variety of features. So, regardless of the location where you will be setting up and your purpose, there is a pop-up canopy tent out there that is perfect for your needs.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of products out there to explore, and we know that narrowing down your options can seem like a daunting process. To make that process as fast and easy as possible, we created this site. Not only have we researched dozens of canopy tents, but we have tested them out personally in sunny, windy, and rainy conditions! We've put in countless hours of legwork so you don't have to, hitting local and online stores in search of the best pop up canopy tents.

So, you can rest assured that the tents we recommend have knocked our socks off. We think you will also be impressed with their durability, ease-of-use, and convenient features. Have questions about shopping for canopy tents? Just drop us a line. We have worked hard to become experts in the field of canopy tents, and are here to help.

Now, go and enjoy the great outdoors worry-free!

Best 10x10 Canopy Reviews
Summarized Comparison Table

Rank Pop Up Canopy Tents Price
1 Eurmax - Basic 10x10 Pop Up Commercial Canopy
Eurmax - Basic 10x10 Pop Up Commercial Canopy
2 ABCCanopy - King Kong 10x10 Commercial Instant Canopy
ABCCanopy - King Kong 10x10 Commercial Instant Canopy
3 Core - 10'x10' Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy
Core - 10'x10' Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy
4 Leader Accessories - Instant Pop Up Straight Leg Canopy
Leader Accessories - Instant Pop Up Straight Leg Canopy
5 E-Z UP - Envoy Instant Shelter Canopy 10 x 10
E-Z UP - Envoy Instant Shelter Canopy 10 x 10
6 Coleman - 10'x10' Instant Sun Shelter
Coleman - 10'x10' Instant Sun Shelter
7 E-Z UP - Sierra II 12'x12' Shelter
E-Z UP - Sierra II 12'x12' Shelter

Pop Up Canopy Tent Reviews
Detailed Reviews

Eurmax - Basic 10x10 Pop Up Commercial Canopy

Over the past 15 years, Eurmax has built a reputation as one of the most successful brands in manufacturing commercial-grade pop-up canopy tents. They built their reputation by providing customers with fantastic service, quality, and value. We reviewed a number of Eurmax canopy tents and tested them side by side with other commercial grade instant shelters, and the Eurmax Basic 10x10 Pop Up Commercial Outdoor Canopy was the leader of the pack in terms of value. It is the least expensive canopy in the Eurmax line, but still offers so many useful commercial grade features that we find it difficult to decide where to begin.

We'll start with what we believe is the hallmark feature of this canopy tent, the sturdiness and stability of the frame. The tent owes its considerable strength to the commercial-grade full cross-truss steel design that braces the legs and supports the roof. If you want your shelter to give you years of use, a cross-truss frame is arguably the single most important feature to look for.

After testing dozens of tents, we have found that cross-truss frames outperform traditional pyramid frames, offering greater strength and Stability. The Eurmax Basic 10x10 Pop Up Canopy is no exception to this trend. We have found that Eurmax delivers one of the strongest frames we have seen amongst shelters at the recreational canopy tent price point. The frame is well engineered with reinforced joints so the shelter is able to withstand stress from the sides just as well as it is able to withstand direct pressure from above. The hammertone powder-coated finish on the steel frame gives it an industrial feel and is much stronger than the thinner aluminium frames of most competitors. We do recommend two people handle the setup of this tent since it weighs around 51 pounds, but one person working alone could handle it if necessary.

For the top locks and telescoping leg locks, Eurmax uses a Thumb-Lock slider which is much easier to use than the traditional thumb-button style frame locking mechanisms. The spring-loaded lever locks into place during set up, making it very easy to unlock the frame with one hand and pull down on the truss with the other hand when it is time to teardown. This feature also reduces the risk of pinching your fingers, something that has happened more times than we care to admit with other tents. A quick push of the spring-loaded lever releases the telescoping legs and you can choose one of the three height settings.

At its peak, this tent is 11.1 feet, which makes it the tallest canopy tent we've reviewed to date. So, even tall users will be able to stand comfortably under the shelter. This makes it particularly useful for commercial settings such as trade shows where you need to be able to accommodate anyone who might stop by. And as always, the straight leg design with a 10x10 frame will provide 100 sq. feet of shade for maximum protection from the elements. One of the less obvious, but beneficial, features of this canopy tent is the Velcro that spans the entire edge of the valence. By including Velcro along the edge of the canopy fabric, Eurmax makes it easy to attach a hanging wall. Compared to other hanging walls which clip or zipper onto the valance, our team found that Velcro was the quickest and most convenient method of attaching a canopy wall. A sidewall can easily be hung with just one person in a very short amount of time. So, if your intended use is for a trade show, promotional booth, farmers market, or fair; this is the best pop up canopy for you.

This canopy tent comes with 8 x 250mm stakes and .8" guy ropes. Hands down, it is the best tie-down set that we have come across. Both the stakes and ropes are high in quality and are made of sturdy materials. Also included is a carry bag with big 2.7" diameter wheels. The reinforced carrying bag is important because the shelter is one of the heaviest that we have reviewed in this category, weighing in at just over 50 lbs. The carrying case is constructed with high quality and is built to support the extra load. The wheels are on a wide axel, making rolling the bag across concrete or sand much easier than most that are built into the bottom of the bag and helps to prevent speed wobbles that cause the bag to topple. If you want a durable, professional and easy-to-setup instant shelter then we strongly recommend this Eurmax, it makes a strong case for the best 10x10 canopy tent available today.

Setup : completed in 4:21 minutes with 1 person, and 2:39 minutes with 2 people

Teardown : completed in 3:19 minutes with 1 person, and 2:11 with 2 people

ABCCanopy - King Kong 10x10 Commercial Instant Canopy

ABCCanopy is the newest brand to crack our 'best of' list, here on But don't make the assumption that just because this is a newer brand, their tents are not every bit as robust and convenient as those from more established companies. In fact, we found ABCCanopy easily stands up to some of the of the biggest names in the industry thanks to their commitment in quality craftsmanship, value, reliability, durability and strength. All manufacturing is done in house and is closely monitored with rigorous quality control inspections to ensure that every last detail is exactly the way customers expect, the absolute best.

ABCCanopy offers a massive selection of pop-up canopy tents. Sizes range from 10x10 to 10x20. You can choose steel or aluminum frames, and the color variations available for the canopies are practically endless. But the shelter we want to highlight today, which we found is the best pop up canopy in their lineup, is the 10x10 KingKong series instant shelter. The specs on this thing are hard to believe at a price point we find to be extremely competitive. From the industry leading 26mm x 13mm x 1mm truss bars that weave throughout the top, the 300 denier polyester canopy material that is 100% waterproof, to the smooth and safe thumb lock push button sliders; we are hard pressed to find a better commercial grade instant shelter that delivers more value.

Over the past few years, we've observed more and more canopy tent manufacturers turning to cheap materials to increase their profits margins. But ABCCanopy is turning to high-quality materials, and consumers are taking notice. This is setting the brand up to be a huge success. If you're into buying a new pop up canopy every year, this isn't the one for you. With proper care and storage this shelter will last for years of recreational and commercial use. Rarely do we come across a shelter that gives a 'wow factor' quite like the King Kong series from ABCCanopy.

You will notice right off the bat that this is a heavy-duty shelter. There is no mistaking the quality of materials used thanks to the 53 lbs of powder coated steel that is used throughout the frame structure. As always, the full cross-truss support will provide unmatched stability and is highly recommended over its pyramid support counterparts. In fact, what initially caught our attention in this King Kong series were images of ABCCanopy employees standing on top of the cross truss frame showing off its strength and durability. We weren't quite that bold, but we did have two of our team members hang from the center supports and it held up structurally with no issues with the 350 lbs. of force pulling on the steel.

Pretty impressive, right? Obviously, we don't suggest you try this at home, but you don't have to—we did it for you! You won't see the 1 ¼ inch sturdy steel legs folding with pressure, unless under extreme weather conditions. We found the nylon composite brackets at all the joints diffuse pressure on the intersections, which greatly aid in the support system to ensure the joints don't bend or kink. We especially love the smooth and safe push slider buttons for an easy release of the telescoping legs and top canopy locks. With the quick push of a button, we found ourselves choosing between one of the three leg adjustments and erecting the instant shelter effortlessly with two people. Due to the size and weight, we highly recommend two people assisting in setup and teardown of this canopy tent.

Moving on to the canopy material itself, this is top notch denier polyester. The 300D polyester with a polyurethane lining is one of the best pop up canopy materials on the market today. ABCCanopy claims that this tent is 100% waterproof. Yeah—we didn't believe it right away either. The majority of instant shelters are water-resistant at best. But we were pleasantly surprised that after having this tent outside during two heavy rain storms, not even a drop of water made it underneath. In addition to the double stitching, the heat sealed seems ensure that absolutely no water will make it through the material.

We love the detail in the reinforced stress points where the peak meets the pole at the very top and where the valance comes over the eaves on the corners. It really shows the commitment to quality in this KingKong series and that no corners were cut (pun intended), which we think will really prolong the life of the canopy. Overall, the waterproofing is perfect for food vendors, outdoor fairs, tailgates, and sporting events since we all know those hot summer days are prone to the quick passing shower. This tent is your insurance policy against light rain, protecting you and your belongings.

Being as this is a heavy-duty shelter, it needs a heavy-duty roller bag. ABCCanopy has included just such a bag with your purchase. The reinforced web handles and two wheels on a solid steel axle make gliding across concrete or firm grass effortless. In addition to the rolling bag, we want to touch on some add-on accesorries that will only enhance your experience with your 10x10 KingKong series tent. We think ABCCanopy manufactures some of the best add-on tent accessories of any brand in this industry. Their 10x10 sun wall panel is a best-selling accessory for any instant shelter thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps that can attach to nearly any square canopy leg, doesn't matter the brand. The zipper on the panel side allows for multiple sun walls (available as an add-on purchase) to be joined at the corners which we found also helps to stop wind blowing through the shelter. If you are planning to use your tent in windy conditions, you are definitely going to want to make this add-on purchase.

Lastly, the ABCCanopy weight bag set is perhaps the best anchor available today. The 1680 denier polyester material will hold 20-25 pounds of sand, rock or dirt and is perfect for any surface. Many fairs or outdoor markets require vendors to anchor their shelters. Obviously, you cannot use stakes if you are setting up on concrete, so weight bags become a necessity. You'll be able to rest easy knowing your shelter will not turn into a flying weapon or pose a danger to you or those around you during above average wind gusts.

It is hard to beat the value for this canopy tent. Even at a recreational price point, it boasts commercial-grade quality. The quality is something we surely think you will appreciate for many years to come. We think it could be considered the best 10x10 canopy for any street vendor. However, due to the weight at 53 lbs. it might not be the best option for those of you looking to take shelter to the beach or somewhere that requires carrying it longer distances. We especially love the 30+ color options available so you'll be sure to find one that you like or match your team colors for your upcoming tailgate. Marry that with a sleek sun wall panel in the same color and you will, without a doubt, make those around you wish they had an ABCCanopy.

Set up : completed in 6:19 with 1 person, and 3:21 with 2 people

Teardown : completed in 4:58 with 1 person, and 2:47 with 2 people

Core - 10'x10' Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy

Core Equipment is a brand that is best known for manufacturing high-quality camping tents—but it turns out they also make some fabulous canopy tents. This company is all about creating products that will enhance any outdoor adventure whether it is in the backyard, beach, or mountains. Our research led us to Core Equipment because we saw high demand for their products from our readers and really wanted to see for ourselves if their best canopy tent would hold up to our vigorous testing. The pop up canopy that held up exceptionally well during our research, better than some of the most expensive pop up tents on the market, was the 10x10 Instant Shelter canopy. For this specific tent, their engineers committed to an attractive aesthetic design that was both easy to use and would last through some of the toughest conditions and seasons. This 10x10 pop up shelter is a straight leg design providing 100 square feet of shade that we found will be a pleasant compliment to any day under the sun. It's the best pop up canopy our team has reviewed, hands down.

Even before we took this pop-up canopy tent out of the bag, we loved it. The carrying tote boasted a full-length zipper, in contrast with the typical canopy tent bag that features a zipper around the top. We found the full zipper was much easier to use in removing and packing up the tent. We also love that there are straps included in the bag that can wrap around the steel frame to help compress the shelter which aids in removing additional stress on the full length zipper. We all know how difficult it can be to zipper a fully packed bag and these straps helped tremendously in reducing strain. We love the thought Core Equipment put into these features because so many manufacturers make the carrying bag an afterthought, but we have found that the bag is a large determinant of portability and is one most important aspects consumers look at before making a purchase.

Now that we've explained why we love the carrying bag, let's talk about the tent itself! We found the one-piece steel frame to be durable with solid reinforced plastic hinges at the joints to help maintain its structure during above average wind gusts. We had this instant shelter set up continuously for 3 weeks, which included two significant storms, and it held up exceptionally well and is still as steady as it was on day one. We think one of the best features is the oversized pinch-free buttons on the top canopy locks and the leg adjusters, helping make setup extremely easily and hassle free. Core advertises this tent as an 'instant 2 minute setup', and we definitely agree with their claim. Easily slide the top locks into place, then choose between the three leg lock adjustments for the canopy height. We really enjoyed the option of three height adjustments, especially on those windy or rainy days. When conditions got too windy or rainy, we dropped the tent to its lowest setting. Doing so improved stability and kept out more rain.

While the tent's frame is impressive, what is arguably even more outstanding is the canopy itself. A proprietary technology unique to Core, the H20 Block technology applied to 150D polyester is one of the best materials we found on a pop up canopy tent because it is so lightweight, waterproof, and yet surprisingly durable. During our testing it repelled water much better than most of the other canopy materials, even though most other tents had higher denier polyester which is a true testament to their H20 Block technology. The seams going from the valance to the peak are double sealed for added weather protection, so that there is no need to worry about leaks causing water to permeate though these vulnerable points in the fabric. The material is taken down over the eaves on the corners to the leg lock adjustments, which we found helps to keep the cover tight and secure on the frame as well as increase stability.

Another cool thing about the canopy is that it has a neat contemporary look that you won't find with other tents. We found the silver colored polyester helps to reflect heat, and the dual vents at the top allow for additional circulation. This is lightyears ahead of the vent-less darker colored covers that seem to radiate and trap the heat underneath. Not only do these vents keep those underneath cool, but they allow a breeze to pass through the top during windy days and helps prevent gusts from turning the shelter into a sail. The canopy itself is rated 50+ UPF which is the highest UV protection rating for canopies so rest assured on those hot sunny days that your skin is well protected from UVA and UVB rays. Lastly, we found the welded steel feet to be good quality and easily allow the included stakes to pass through and keep the tent secure. We also used the guy line tie downs for extra support during our testing, and they helped to reduce cross breeze tension of the steel frame and increased stability.

One more thing you are probably wondering about is how much this pop-up canopy tent weighs. The included carrying case that we highlighted above comes with two web handles and built in wheels make it manageable to transport to beach or campground. We can't recommend this recreational tent enough, and in our opinion it is the best pop up canopy available today for any outdoor adventure.

Set up : completed in 4:10 minutes with 1 person, and 2:19 minutes with 2 people

Teardown : completed in 3:09 minutes with 1 person and 1:33 minutes with 2 people

Leader Accessories - Instant Pop Up Straight Leg Canopy

Leader Accessories has been manufacturing high-quality canopy tends and other outdoor equipment for more than three decades. True to their name, they have garnered a reputation over the years for leading the way with canopy tent design. While we have tested quite a few Leader Accessories tent, the one which really knocked our socks off is their 10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy Tent. This is a portable canopy which is lightweight and affordable, yet surprisingly durable.

In its folded-up form, the tent is compact and lightweight. One person can carry it to or from a site with ease. Unfolding the tent, we were struck first by its size, and secondly by how solid it is. Yes, we knew it was a standard 10’ x 10’ tent when we ordered it, but somehow it is still surprising to see such a large tent pop up from such a small 49’ x 9’ folded profile!

The frame is solid steel with powder coating and have a heavy duty feel. Both the material and the finish are ideal for resisting corrosion. As for the fabric, that is silver back coated UPF 50+ UV Protection durable 210D Polyester, which is a pretty robust strength for a pop up tent. While the seams are not sealed, they are of high quality, ready to hold up to lots of wear and tear. Very little water gets through them, but you can apply some sealer yourself if you want to waterproof them.

Now, in terms of setup, one person might be able to get away with setting up this tent, but it is much easier to do it with two people. This is simply due to the spacious size of the shelter. The process itself is ridiculously simple - just unfold the tent, mount the canopy awning to the legs, and extend the straight legs to the desired height. The hardest part was getting the corners at the top locked. But once we did, we were impressed by how secure and sturdy they felt. No flimsy plastic support brackets here, we could really tell Leader Accessories has quality as a top priority. You do not need any tools to get the job done since the frame is in one piece when you get it. If you expect any wind, there are 4 tie-down lines and a set of 8 steel stakes you can use to secure it that come included with purchase.

Once the tent is set up and ready to go, you’ll have at least 100 square feet underneath when the sun is dirctly overhead. Up to 8 people can theoretically sit under this tent, but we felt it was much more comfortable with 6 or fewer. It is ideal for around 4, with lots of luxurious roominess to spread out in, perfect for a day at the beach or some extra shelter at a campsite. You can select any of three height adjustments: 77”, 93” or 111.” You can purchase the tent in a few different colors as well which is something we always enjoy (silver, blue, beige, dark grey and green). We went with the blue, and were pleased with how fresh and vivid the color looked.

We were determined to see what this canopy tent was capable of, so we tested it out in a couple different conditions. One day was rainy but not too breezy, while the other was a bright, windy day at the beach. The gusts got up to around 20 miles per hour that day. Thanks to the sturdy ropes, the thick polyester, and the two air vents, the tent held up to it all without a single hitch. With the wind shield we bought separately attached, it was very comfortable—and none of us went home with sunburn. For the other test in the rain, we closed the air vents with the Velcro straps included. We didn’t seal the seams, but no more than a few light drops got it from time to time. We—and the supplies we’d brought—stayed comfy and dry.

When it comes time to pack up your canopy tent and head home, you’ll discover it folds up as easily it pops up. Once again, one person can manage, but two will find it faster and easier. Once it is in the carry bag, you can pull it using the leather handle (no hand fatigue!) and wheels. It should fit inside most vehicle trunks no problem. With the spacious, lightweight and durable Leader Accessories 10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy Tent, in our opinion you can’t go wrong and it deserves a spot in our list of best pop up canopy tents. This is without a doubt one of the most rugged and well-designed currently on the market.

Setup: completed in 6:05 minutes with 1 person, and 4:18 minutes with 2 people.

Teardown: completed in 5:47 minutes with 1 person, and 3:49 minutes with 2 people.

E-Z UP - Envoy Instant Shelter Canopy 10 x 10

The EZ-Up brand is to canopy tents what Band-Aid is to bandages and Kleenex is to tissues; trademarks that have become synonymous for the entire product category and set the standard for quality. But that recognition for EZ-Up didn't happen overnight. For years their product engineers listened to customer feedback and implemented an iterative design process with the ultimate goal to improve user experience and ease of use. One stand-out product in their 10x10 canopy tent line is the Envoy collection.

The Envoy outdoor shade tent comes with a variety of features that make set up, take down, and transport much easier than previous EZ-Up instant shelters. It all starts with a new and improved frame design that enables the canopy to withstand adverse weather conditions and elements. Weighing only 33 lbs., the Envoy's frame is 20% lighter than previous models thanks to it lightweight aluminum design, making it much easier to carry from one event to the next.

The Envoy has a straight leg 10x10 design that leverages its pyramid canopy structure to provide adequate stability and strength across the entire one-piece frame. The unit is equipped with upgraded locking mechanisms that prevent sand and dirt from entering the telescoping legs and that also allow for a simple and easy one-person setup. EZ-Up's proprietary Auto Slider Pull-Pin technology, located where the legs meet the pyramid frame, provides a quick lock release with an effortless tug of the pin. One of the most popular questions we receive from our readers is, "Which tent is easiest to set up and take down?" It's not a coincidence EZ-Up built its name and reputation on this process. Their instant shelters are always at the top of our list when we answer this question.

The locks on the lower legs come with a toggle leg adjustment offering two height settings with valance clearances at 6'6" and 6'2" and a peak height of 9'6" at the center. With the push of a button, the adjusters release allowing for an easy selection of your preferable height option. During our testing, we found it is useful to fully extend two legs up while keeping the other two in their lower position for an angled setup. This height configuration is great for providing shade during a setting sun that's low on the horizon, or to increase the stability of the pop up shelter on a windy day. We found the hassle-free pinch-less locks to be the best in class compared to EZ-Up competitors. Sore fingers, be gone!

The frame is assembled upon delivery, the only work needed is to attach the canopy to the frame. Simply open the canopy slightly while in its lowered position, without locking any of the legs or canopy pull-pins, and attach the Velcro to the trusses where the connections are located. The E-Z Glide truss washers reinforce the connection points and provide a nice smooth opening and closing. The Envoy's canopy is made from a professional-grade, 600 denier polyester fabric that is water-resistant and fire retardant - meeting all CPAI-84 fire resistant requirements. It is worth noting that the blue color can fade if left out in the direct sunlight, so we always advise our readers to put the canopy back in its carrying case when not in use to help prolong the life of the denier polyester.

One item that we wish EZ Up would incorporate into this tent is a vented canopy. As we all know, warm air rises and can get trapped underneath the canopy with nowhere to go, even on windy days. The vents allow the warm air to escape and the temperature underneath to remain cool. At the same time, these vents provide increased stability during windy conditions by allowing wind to pass through the surface area with less resistance.

Additionally, the Envoy includes a new and improved wheeled bag for easy transport that features high-density two-piece E-Z glide wheels with wide axel support, multi-point handles, and an upgraded zipper. The wheeled bag has been designed specifically for the Envoy frame and can accommodate all of the tent's components including the four-pack of steel spikes for anchoring the tent. A nylon handle is conveniently located at the top of the bag for easy pulling on hard surfaces, and two nylon handles found on the side of the bag can are designed for carrying the tent over sand or uneven surfaces.

The Envoy 10x10 instant shelter is one of the best canopy tent options for weekend sports or everyday backyard use. Its heavy-duty construction offers the benefits of a professional-grade canopy at a fraction of the price. It is one of the best value's on the market today, and we're confident you'll appreciate this canopy as much as we do.

Set up : completed in 3:38 minutes with 1 person, and 1:39 minute with 2 people

Teardown : completed in 2:45 minutes with 1 person, and 1:27 minute with 2 people

Coleman - 10'x10' Instant Sun Shelter

When it comes to Coleman, we've all come to love their stoves, grills, sleeping bags, coolers, water jugs, and camping tents. But did you know they have also designed one of the best pop-up canopy tents ever manufactured, the Coleman 10x10 instant canopy? It's clear that Coleman leveraged their knowledge and long history of manufacturing outdoor equipment with this shelter because one word consistently came up during our review, quality. Providing 100 square feet of shade, we applaud this 10x10 straight leg canopy tent is for its portability, ease of use, and visually appealing aesthetic. The white awning material and light green valance provide a stark contrast to the often solid, boring canopy and will certainly give everyone around canopy envy. The additional coverage down the steel legs hides the locking mechanisms at the top and adjustable legs and helps to keep the material tight to prevent water puddling on the material.

One of the features we were most impressed with when we started checking out this canopy tent is the recently-introduced proprietary pinch-free Comfort Grip technology. Resembling a large handle like device, we found sliding the Comfort Grip up the telescoping pole effortless until it locked into place with an easy click. The Comfort Grip is found on both the top canopy lock and the adjustable leg locks and is designed with the goal of preventing people to not have to reach above their head. In order to be successful in this claim we suggest opening the frame of the canopy with two people, and first locking the top canopy into place, then raising the telescoping legs up until they lock into place. This way, users will actually not have to reach above the chest and it makes setup a breeze. Similarly, when it's time to take the pop up canopy down, release the bottom leg locks first, and then when the legs slide down release the top locks second. The tent will easily collapse on itself making packing away into the carrying tote stress-free.

Another feature we really love is the rugged Polyguard 2X polyester material. This fabric is extra-thick, and it is coated with heavy-duty proprietary UVGuard technology. We found the UVGuard offers one of the best UV filters on the market with 50+ UPF that will protect anyone underneath from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays of the sun. UPF is Ultraviolet Protection Factor which measures the UV protection on a material, similar to that of SPF on the skin. 50+ UPF translates to the canopy allowing only 1/50th or 2% of the UV radiation hitting it to pass through, which is as good as it gets in terms of sun protection.

At the top of the vaulted ceiling are two vent flaps that allow a breeze to pass through and release heat. So, even on a hot summer day, you can stay cool while enjoying the shade. These flaps also help allow air to circulate and pass through the material to foil any attempt of the shelter to blow away during those windy days. As always, we highly recommend using the ground stakes and pre-attached guy lines, even during good conditions, as an aid to securing your shelter properly and safely.

Coleman manufactured this sun shelter with a steel frame. This frame is incredibly strong, but it also keeps the weight down for portability. Weighing in around 37 lbs., this pyramid frame is one of the lighter 10x10 canopy footprint on the market, perfect for those outdoor enthusiasts who are constantly on the move.

Portability is a big ranking factor in our best of pop up canopy tent reviews because we know it is one of the biggest influences in our readers purchasing decision. Frequent trips to the beach, a child's soccer tournament, a community event, or a picnic in the backyard; we love recommending shelters that are easy and convenient to get around and load into a car. In addition to weight, the quality of the wheeled carrying bag is another crucial consideration with respect to portability. Coleman did a fantastic job, incorporating high-quality materials, double stitched web handles, and solid plastic wheels. Both the tent and its case should hold up to years of use.

The last feature we want to highlight is the option for an additional Coleman 10x10 sunwall that goes perfectly with this pop up canopy. While focusing on the quality of various canopy tents, it is easy to overlook the fact that not all sidewalls are equal in terms of quality. The Coleman 10x10 sidewall is among the best out there. Constructed with the same UVGuard material as the awning material, it provides 50+ UPF sun protection and is a heavy duty, yet surprisingly lightweight polyester. In additional to the UV protection this sunwall offers, an overlooked benefit is the additional privacy that it provides. Perfect for any crowded day at the beach; this is the best canopy sunwall and it goes perfectly with this Coleman instant shelter.

Set up : completed in 3:18 minutes with 1 person, and 1:37 minute with 2 people

Teardown : completed in 2:49 minutes with 1 person, and 1:22 minute with 2 people

E-Z UP - Sierra II 12'x12' Shelter

Easily making it onto our list of top rated canopy tents is the EZ – Up Sierra ll 12 x 12 Shelter. From quality, to design, to portability, to ease-of-use; this tent is constructed with best in class materials and is exceptionally simple to use. We found the option of the extra two feet of the 12 x 12 frame to be something we just couldn't do without when compared to the same tent with 10 x 10 dimensions. The reason is the tapered leg design. While this design boosts the stability of the tent on windy days, it does reduce the top of the canopy to 10 x 10, so you have 100 square feet of shade underneath.

Since the tapered leg design makes for a wider square footage at the base, you do have more ground for people and belongings. The durability of the frame is remarkably strong and made from powder coated rust resistant steel, painted white. The reinforced plastic hinges are designed with repeated use in mind, while the canopy top is made of a lightweight blue CPAI-84 water and fire resistant material and blocks 99% of UV rays. The open cathedral ceiling provides a peak height of 8 feet 7 inches which we found to be adequate clearance at the valances. There is an underlying theme when it comes to the 12x12 Sierra II, bigger is always better.

Along with the awesome features above, this tent boasts another excellent feature, a recent design change in the top canopy and leg adjustment locks. While this design is catching on with most brands, EZ – Up has pioneered and mastered this technology. With a quick pull of the proprietary Auto Slider Pull Pin, the top lock of the canopy releases and it starts the process of a hassle free tear down. No more fussing with having to push in a metal stopper and pinching your fingers in the process.

A similar design was created for the Toggle Leg Adjustment locking system. With a push of the button, the leg adjusters effortlessly release and there's no more pinching when adjusting the height of the tent, or during tear down. The ability to choose between one of the two height adjustment options is wonderful as well. We used the lowest height setting to increase shade when the sun was rising or setting in the horizon or on windy days to prevent a gust of wind from catching the underside of the canopy. We would love to see EZ- Up incorporate a vented canopy top to help wind pass through the canopy as well as allow heat to release and not become trapped. Our team found this to be the biggest con of the canopy material. The blue lightweight polyester material with a silver backed lining underneath helps to weigh the tent down. At the same time, it helps protect occupants against sun exposure by successfully blocking UV rays.

It is hard to beat the size and shape of this tent. Most 10x10 slanted leg tents only offer 64 square feet of shade due to the top dimensions being reduced to 8x8. So we're thrilled to be able to get 56% more shade with a slanted led tent that will be more secure in the wind and give us a larger footprint on the ground.

Usually, when a tent is as large as this one, it loses out a bit in the portability department. So, is that the case here? The weight of the this unit comes in at about 41 lbs., which is about average for most 10x10 tents but much less than most 12x12 shelters. This makes it ideal for carrying over a shoulder where you can't necessarily use the wheels on the carrying bag, such as places like the beach or muddy parks. The bag has two durable web handles that make the tent easily transportable along with two 1 ½ inch diameter wheels for easy pulling. While packed in the bag it has a height of 52" x 9" x 9" so it easily fits in the trunk of just about any car or SUV. So, yes—this is a larger canopy tent. But despite that, there are no worries when it comes to portability.

Setting up a 12x12 tent with just one person tends to be a little trickier than setting up a 10x10 tent. But this may have been the easiest 12x12 setup we have ever done. In just 3 ½ minutes, one member had this entire shelter out of the bag and set up. It's worth noting that was with the canopy awning already attached. Initial first time set up will take longer as the canopy awning will need to be attached to the frame via the Velcro. However, we're confident anyone will be able to set this up quickly and easily by themselves after a few trial runs.

Overall we think this shelter can be considered the gold standard for a 12x12 pop up canopy. EZ-Up impressed our team with an impeccable balance of convenience through ease-of-use, affordability, portability, and quality. We see this as being one of the best options for beach goers thanks to the larger footprint and its surprisingly low weight for that size. It will also serve street vendors, fair volunteers, local community barbeques, music festivals, tailgates, or sporting events exceptionally well. For many years, we have given EZ-Up our stamp of approval, and once again, our faith in them has paid off. The Sierra II is just another example of their commitment to excellence.

Set up : completed in 3:31 minutes with 1 person, and 1:40 minute with 2 people

Teardown : completed in 2:46 minutes with 1 person, and 1:21 minute with 2 people