Crown Shades 10x10 Portable Canopy Review

Crown Shades 10x10 Portable Canopy Review

Check out a review of Crown Shades' newest 10x10 canopy tent.

Summertime means vacation time, and what is better than spending some time outdoors during the warmer months of the year. When it comes to spending time outside, the mosquitoes, heat, and sun can be a huge issue, especially if you have younger kids. However, a high quality pop-up canopy tent can be just what you need to make your vacation time worth it no matter if you are camping, spending a day on the beach, or just hanging out in your backyard.

Crown Shades 10 x 10 Portable Canopy

This 10x10 canopy tent by Crown Shades is an ideal product for doing just that. Crown Shades is a company dedicated to providing you with amazing products for your outdoor life. They have a wide selection of consumer-friendly products that will help you enjoy your time using the products.


One of the best things about this canopy tent is the size of it. If you need something a little larger, this tent has got you covered, literally. The tent is made to be 10x10 feet for the perfect outdoor size for anyone. You can gather your family and friends under the tent with plenty of shade for everyone. Plus, this tent has open sides for expanding the shade further out during certain times of the day.

Ease of Use

Most canopy tents are difficult to use, but this Crown Shades shelter is surprisingly easy to use. The tent is portable, yes, but it is also a pop-up tent. This means that you simply unload it, pull it up, and pop the top into place for a sturdy and instant tent. When you are ready to put the tent away, all you have to do is pop out the top portions, and the tent folds down right away. The central hub of the tent is what makes it so easy to put up and take down. The tent is also adjustable, with three different height options for you to choose from. The peak height of the tent is 9.19 feet tall. We had this shelter set up in about 3 minutes from the time we removed it from the carrying tote.

Crown Shades Frame


When it comes to durability, this tent is one of the best. The top of the tent is made from a durable fabric that will withstand the weather. Even the framing is durable, made from strong steel with powder coating to protect the framing of various things. Consumers everywhere consistently reference the durability of the tent, making it an excellent long-term option for your needs.


As we mentioned, the tent is easy to set up and take down. With the ease of use so great, the portability becomes great as well. This tent folds up nicely so you can easily take it from place to place, wherever the canopy tent is needed. The tent comes with a roller bag that you can transport the tent from the place. This means that you don’t have to worry about trying to find a place to store the tent away to prevent rips or tears in the fabric. The carry bag is supportive with a strong zipper and a rubber handle for better transport. The wheels also make it easy to move from the car to the setup location like on the beach or anywhere outdoors. Another great thing about the tent and the bag are the size since it folds down nicely to fit in most average vehicle trunks.

Type of Materials

There are several different materials that this canopy tent is made from. First, the tent cover is made from an oxford fabric or 150D. The fabric is durable as well as enhanced with UV and UPF protection. In fact, the UV protection is 50-plus for only the best in sun protection. The fabric is also water-repellent to keep the water from dripping through the canopy should it start raining during use. The frame is made from an ultra-durable steel that is powder coated for protection from the elements. The frame is sturdy as well to provide you with plenty of use from your tent.


There is something special about this canopy tent. It has many features that make it stand out from the crowd. In fact, it is so easy that you can do it by yourself, especially with the handy central hub that lifts the tent. This canopy also has an adjustable height, letting you choose the height you need. The tent is incredibly easy to transport as well, which is perfect for those vacation and summertime needs.


This Crown Shades tent comes with several accessories. The tent has everything you need to set it up like the frame and the canopy to go on top. However, it also comes with several extras that are perfect for getting the best experience possible with your tent. It comes with a transport bag that includes several wheels to make it easier than ever to transport your tent from place to place. The bag is complete with a sturdy zipper that won’t break at the first sign of stress, and it is equipped with a durable rubber handle that gives you a good grip when trying to move it somewhere. The tent also comes with eight stakes to help keep the frame steady in things like dirt, grass, or sand, and it comes with four guy ropes for even more stability when putting the tent up somewhere.


When it comes to summertime, spending time outside is great, but the hot sun can put a damper on things. A canopy tent is a great way to enjoy the time outside without getting too hot, and this Crown Shades option is ideal for vacationers and summertime lovers alike. It is durable and easy to use, with a quick pop-up method for putting up and taking down. The tent even comes with a handy storage bag, which helps keep it safe in the trunk of your vehicle. There is nothing like sitting outside in the shade during the summer, and this tent has everything you need to enjoy your time outdoors this summer season.

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