Get Instant Shade with the Crown Shades Canopy - A Comprehensive Review

Unleash Outdoor Comfort! Discover the Crown Shades 10x10 Pop Up Tent - Perfect for All Your Outdoor Adventures

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Published July 7, 2023
By Jamie Doranzzi

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Crown Shades 10x10 Review
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On a hot summer day, the Crown Shades 10x10 canopy tent is an ideal shelter for outdoor activities as it provides users with quick and easy shade so everyone can enjoy their time outdoors. The canopy boasts impressive features like 100 square feet of shade, excellent durability, and great stability in windy conditions all of which make sure every event runs smoothly without compromising on comfort. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at these key features, how it compares to competitors, plus tips on how to easily assemble this pop up tent!

Short Summary

  • Offers easy setup, adjustable legs, and durable fabric for reliable shade and shelter.
  • Patented push center lock technology simplifies the setup process with a secure locking mechanism.
  • Features include Sto-N-Go storage system, and compact travel dimensions


The Crown Shades canopy is the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy quick and easy shade without compromising on quality. This canopy features the patented push center lock technology, adjustable legs that are customizable in height, and superior quality fabric capable of defending against both sun exposure and light rain showers. To better understand these advantages, let’s take a look at each feature.

Push Center Lock Technology

Crown Shades utilizes their patented center lock hub system that makes the setup process easier than ever before. This innovative feature allows users to raise the top of the pyramid canopy frame into place with a single push, eliminating the hassle associated with tents that need each corner to be raised and locked into place individually. The hub locks into place with the help of a steel rod that extends down from the peak of the roof, and an audible click lets you know it is securely in place. We absolutely love this design!

Once you’ve locked the hub into place, it’ll remain in place until you’re ready to take it down. There are two buttons on the sides of the hub that when pressed together releases the steel rod and allows the roof to collapse down. Thanks to its ease of use and these specially crafted locks, the Crown Shades canopy will be sure to stay firmly secured during every event or gathering!

Adjustable Legs

The 10x10 canopy offers you three customized heights to make it the perfect choice for your outdoor activities, such as barbecues in the backyard, farmer's markets, sports matches, picnics, or camping trips. The three height settings come in 4" increments and allow peak height options of 104", 108", or 112". The maximum 112" height gives head clearance of 6'2" at the valence which is lower than many commercial-grade canopy tents like Eurmax and ABC Canopy, but consistent with recreational tents like EZ-Up Ambassador and Leader Accessories.

The adjustable legs provide stability when setting up on uneven surfaces so that no matter where you are with this canopy you know you'll have a sturdy shelter. With one push of the pinch-free buttons, the telescoping legs release so you can easily set an angled height to create more shade as the sun gets lower on the horizon and always be protected from the sun's UV rays.

One of the most unique things about the legs is that wheels are built directly into the bottom, so when the tent is packed in the carrying bag it actually rolls on the legs. This is a cool idea in theory, but we found the wheels are small and the footpads are likely to get damaged over time, not to mention exposed to mud and other things that will cause the wheels to break down or jam quicker than they normally would if they were located on the carrying bag.

Canopy Fabric

The fabric is made from a high-quality 150D silver-coated polyester that has been specifically designed for outdoor shade and shelter. Properties like 50+ UPF, fire retardant, and water repellent makes it an ideal choice to keep you safe in the elements. The silver-coated material offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun and has been tested to keep the temperature under the canopy 20 degrees cooler. It's water-resistant capabilities also create a barrier against sudden downpours to help keep you and everything underneath dry.

One of the hallmark features of Crown Shades pop up tents is the vented canopy peak which allows for optimal airflow, effectively reducing heat build-up and promoting a refreshing breeze underneath. There is no need to worry about water penetrating the vents because fabric overhangs the opening, and underneath the opening is strategically integrated mesh fabric for additional protection.

We especially love the drain grommets located above the valence which serve to prevent water from pooling on the fabric, which is the #1 cause of frames collapsing. We haven't seen any other canopy tent incorporate this feature so kudos to Crown Shades on this idea. With this canopy at your disposal, there’s no need to worry about being exposed during summer gatherings or other events outdoors since the quality of the polyester is built to withstand all mother nature throws at it!

Assembled Dimensions and Portability

Crown Shades designed this canopy with the standard dimensions of 10x10 feet, making it the perfect shade solution to fit in most vehicles. The coverage area guarantees ample protection from sun and rain during activities, plus its convenient Sto-N-Go bag ensures easy portability no matter where you go!

10x10 Dimensions

The Crown Shades canopy provides a large 100 sq ft of shade coverage - making it the perfect choice for outdoor activities, big or small. Its generous area ensures a shaded environment and plenty of room so your guests can relax and enjoy themselves free from sun exposure at any backyard gathering, fairground booth set-up, or group picnic. We found that up to 6 chairs can comfortably fit underneath the tent, but anything more than that will be a tight fit.

Sto-N-Go Storage

The Crown Shades Sto-N-Go carry bag is very unique and allows for fast and effortless storage. The bag, which measures 48”x6.69”x6.69”, is unlike most carrying bags because the legs of the frame protrude out of the bag when it is zippered shut since the wheels are built directly into the legs. As we mentioned previously, it's an interesting design but we're not sure how long the wheels will last with all of the wear and tear. We typically prefer the wheels to be attached to the bag and with a wide axel that exceeds the width of the bag as that offers the smoothest rolling while on uneven surfaces.

We do really like how portable this pop up canopy is at 36 lbs, which is significantly lighter than most 10x10 tents which on average weigh 45 lbs. So while the wheels on the legs aids in portability, it might not be necessary as most people may opt to carry the tent to their setup location.

Compatibility with Most Vehicles

The 10x10 Crown Shades tent is the perfect choice for those with small cars as the collapsed height is only 47" compared to many commercial-grade tents that measure 63" in height. Being compatible with a broad range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and trucks, makes this canopy easily accessible to all types of owners. Its lightweight design also allows you to take your canopy on the go – making it ideal for trips away or beach excursions where trunk space is limited.

Durability and Stability

The straight-leg design of the Crown Shades canopy is designed to be tough and durable, boasting a resilient steel frame, water-resistant canopy fabric as well as the extra stability provided by guide ropes and sandbags.

High-quality Steel Frame

The shade tent is manufactured with a durable high-grade steel frame that can provide both security and stability. The robust 1" thick steel legs ensure the canopy will be able to withstand gusty winds, and the solid roof construction with additional trusses from the center lock system also renders it highly capable of withstanding heavy rains and rotational pressure. The trusses that crisscross around the eaves are made with an inner plug tube assembly that ensures seamless structural integrity and enhanced stability.

One feature unique to this Crown Shades tent that we love is the extra corner support that connects the lower part of the eave to the top pyramid support. On most cathedral-style canopy tents, there isn't a second support truss on the corner, so this helps to reinforce and stabilize the roof and prevent sideways movement. The design gives the canopy a rating that supports up to 120 lbs distributed evenly across the frame, which is more than most recreational pop-up tents in this category.

Guide Ropes and Sandbags

Crown Shades designed this pop-up canopy for maximum durability and stability, which is reinforced by the addition of various support accessories such as guide ropes or sandbags. These additional elements contribute to ensuring your canopy stays in place securely during windy weather conditions while also helping prolong its life against any potential damage caused by environmental factors like the wind. With conveniently placed nylon loops at each corner for tie downs, you can trust that your canopy will remain anchored throughout your event from start to finish.

The sandbags aren't the greatest quality, but they do the trick to keep your canopy anchored. Simply fill them with rocks, sand, or dirt and attach them to each leg with the velcro straps. We always recommend using 1 pound of weight for each pound of the canopy weight, so in this case, a 36 lbs tent = 36 lbs of weight between all four of the sandbags.

Setup and Takedown Tips

When it's time to get your Crown Shades canopy tent ready for use, it is important to make sure that all of its components like the frame, fabric, and anchors are in the bag. Below are the steps you should take to set up the canopy properly and to keep it in top condition over time.

  1. Remove all components from the Sto-N-Go storage bag
  2. Expand the canopy frame halfway open so that each leg is approximately 5 feet apart
  3. Place the roof canvas directly over the top of the canopy frame
  4. Attach the canvas to the frame at each corner using the velcro strips
  5. From underneath the canopy, push up on the center lock until the rod locks into place
  6. Attach the velcro loops under each side valence to the closest truss bar
  7. Raise each leg to the desired height
  8. Fasten the sandbags to each leg with the velcro loops
  9. Enjoy your shade!

One-Person Setup

The Crown Shades Canopy has unparalleled ease of setup thanks to the push center lock technology. With just one press, all four legs are locked in place simultaneously – taking away the need for multiple people when it comes to assembly and reducing set-up time down to mere minutes! This allows you alone to quickly establish a shaded area so that you can focus on enjoying your day instead of struggling with complicated installation procedures.

Two-Person Takedown

The Crown Shades Canopy is designed for easy setup by one person, but taking it down can be even smoother with the help of two people. Working together enables both a safe and speedy takedown process that safeguards against possible damage or injury to the canopy’s components.

Storage and Maintenance

The longevity of your Crown Shades tent largely depends on correct storage and regular upkeep. When not in use, we highly recommend stowing the canopy away from direct sunlight as well as humid environments for proper preservation of both the frame and fabric. Check for any damage or tears before they become an issue while cleaning can help maintain its visual quality over time. In this way, you will ensure that your canopy stays at optimal performance levels throughout its lifetime.

Crown Shades offers a 10x10 replacement roof in the event that yours gets damaged. At about $60 they are much less expensive than buying a new unit, so always keep that in mind if something happens to yours. Or if you simply want to change things up and get a new color, then a replacement is a great option as well!

Comparing with Competitor's

When deciding whether or not the Crown Shades is the right 10x10 pop up canopy for you, it is wise to look at alternatives with similar materials and features. Other recreational canopy tents from Coleman, Leader Accessories, EZ-Up, and Core Equipment are great products, but the Crown Shades tent is in the same price range and we think offers even more features that improve the ease of use and its durability. It offers exceptional construction quality, a quick and easy setup process, and UV and water-resistant features that are up there with commercial-grade products.  And thanks to its versatility, you are sure to have enough space regardless of which activity or gathering takes place!

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

The Crown Shades canopy is an ideal solution for those in need of a reliable and convenient canopy thanks to all the features we mentioned like push-center lock technology, adjustable legs, and a water-repellent fabric. But what really makes it stand out from its competitors is how easy it is to set up and take down. With this lightweight push tent canopy you can enjoy protection and shade in less than a minute, making it perfect for all sorts of outdoor events!