Quictent 10x10 Canopy With Netting: A Comprehensive Review

Check out our in-depth review of the Quictent canopy and learn about the features that make this one of the best-selling pop up canopy tents.

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Published January 9, 2024
By Hank Murray
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Brand: Quictent

We recently got our hands on a Quictent 10x10 pop up canopy with side netting and we wanted to review it from top to bottom and compare it to other instant shelters on the market. We've long known that Quictent is one of the highest-rated sellers of pop up tents, party tents, portable garages, shade sails, greenhouses, and patio umbrellas so we were thrilled to dig in and see if their flagship canopy tent lived up to the hype.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Quictent 10x10 pop up canopy is packed with features including water and UV resistance, mosquito netting, and a sturdy frame, making it suitable for tons of outdoor events.
  • It’s user-friendly with an easy setup process, but durability in harsh weather conditions and stability in strong winds could be questionable.
  • Offering great value at an affordable price with a range of features, the Quictent canopy is in the same price range as tents from EZ Up, Crown Shades, and Eagle Peak.

Unboxing the Quictent 10x10 Pop-Up Canopy

We chose the 10x10 dimensions because it is the most popular canopy tent and is perfect for backyard gatherings, BBQs, soccer tournaments, and other outdoor activities. Quictent offers four color options tan, green, royal blue, and burgundy. We opted for burgundy because we thought it would be a fun color to have in the summer at the beach. Included in the box are the pop-up frame, roof cover, 4 mosquito netting panels, 4 sandbags, 8 ground stakes, 4 guy line ropes, and a roller carry bag. All these features make the Quictent a one-stop solution for your canopy needs.

Durable and Sturdy Canopy Frame

As always, the frame deserves a detailed examination because it is the backbone that supports the entire canopy. The Quictent frame has a pyramid-style open cathedral roof built with a high-quality powder-coated steel alloy, and the connectors are made of thick plastic and feel like they will withstand many years of repeated use. We especially like that the connectors match the color of the frame, which helps to create a more pleasing appearance and prevents them from standing out.

  • Made from reinforced powder-coated steel for durability
  • Provides strength and stability
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Convenient to transport and store

Adjustable Legs

The legs are just under 1" thick, which is similar to most tents in the recreation-grade category. We like that the feet are made of plastic as opposed to steel which tends to rust and corrode over time. The leg lock and top corner buttons are spring-loaded and are easy to push, a standard feature that prevents fingers from being pinched which we love.

Reinforced Trusses and Corner Supports

Oversized hardware encases the truss bar connections along the eaves to create a stable and supportive structure, and the washers provide a smooth glide when closing and opening the tent. One unique feature found on this Quictent is the additional support located in each corner to create a triangle shape, not just for aesthetic appeal but as a functional reinforcement to increase rigidity. This support plays a crucial role in reducing the strain on any single roof support bar and helps to distribute weight more evenly across the top of the canopy.

One thing we do wish our Quictent had was cross-truss supports at the peak of the pyramid roof. Cross supports are found in many modern tents like Crown Shades and Eagle Peak because they are very effective in stabilizing lateral movement from the wind and help to prevent rotation at the joints where various parts of the frame meet, but as you can see in the image below there is no reinforcement at the center peak.

Excellent Water Resistance and UV Protection

The roof canvas is constructed from 420D polyester oxford and boasts a premium UV and PU coating. We have found most tents in this price range usually have a 150D roof, so Quictent outperforms in this regard with its noticeably thicker and more dense denier threaded roof. The material is rated 50+ UPF to block 99% of UV rays, providing excellent protection for those long days in the sun.

It's worth mentioning our Quictent does not have a vented roof, which is something we usually recommend to our readers. When sidewalls are attached, and sometimes even just mesh netting on hot days, wind flow is reduced and heat builds up under the tent which can be uncomfortable. Many new canopy models are made with vented peaks for this reason, and its something we would love to see Quictent incorporate in the future.

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Setting up our Quictent was super easy. We followed these five steps and had the tent up in about 3 minutes (not including side netting) -

  1. Unpack everything and open the frame halfway to attach the canopy cover at the corner velcro points
  2. Open the frame completely and lock in the top corner locks
  3. Raise the legs to your desired height
  4. Attach the velcro loops to the truss bars
  5. Anchor it down with stakes or weights and attach the sideways

It did take a bit of arm strength to get the top corners securely locked into place but after we got the first two locked into place the others followed without a problem. At first, the thumb buttons had some trouble getting seated in the plastic housing, but once we realized that was happening it was an easy fix as we did the others. The best part of the setup is that you don’t need any special tools. There are included instructions but you likely won't even need them since it's so easy.

It is so important to properly anchor your tent to ensure it remains stable and secure, preventing it from being damaged by wind or causing injury to occupants and bystanders. Read our buying guide for best canopy weights if you need additional information.

Canopy Mesh Netting

The main reason we chose this Quictent canopy is because the sidewall netting is included with the purchase and not as an add-on. The netting is a versatile solution for a variety of outdoor settings and events and we love that it subtly enhances privacy without compromising the view or natural light, and it's an easy way to create a more enjoyable, pest-free outdoor experience.

Velcro Attachments

The netting comes in two 20' panels that can be connected by a zipper on each end. In the image above we have the two panels zippered together. The Velcro attachment along the top of the panels is an essential feature that ensures a secure and tight fit to the canopy valance, pictured below. It makes sure the netting stays put on the frame, and unlike bungee loops doesn't leave any gaps for bugs to enter, providing a well-protected space inside the canopy.

It was a bit tricky at first trying to get the netting to properly fit around the perimeter of the tent, especially at the corners where the roof fabric is snug against the frame. It helps to have two people so one person can hold up the panels while the other person pulls it tight and attaches the Velcro, but it could be done with just one person. It's important to keep the netting as tight as possible or you will find yourself with not enough slack to zipper the doors closed. A tip to help with this is to slightly push the legs in toward the middle of the tent which will loosen the netting around the perimeter and make it easier to close the zipper.

Zipper Doors

The zippered doors make it easy to get in and out of the canopy, and we love that the zipper is double-sided so it can be used from inside or outside. Not only that, but the zippers are also durable which is important because the taut screen can add additional pressure on the zipper. Once it is fully enclosed there is no chance for bugs to enter unless they come from the gross under the netting or when opening or closing the zipper.

Stability and Durability

We haven't been able to test the Quictent in rain yet or moderate winds, but its waterproof polyester canopies and sidewalls should shield most passing rain showers, ensuring you’re protected come rain or shine. According to the specs, this Quictent canopy can handle winds up to 35 mph when properly anchored. However, some customers have reported that the canopy is not as sturdy as advertised in strong winds or heavy rain. The straight-legged design does give it more stability than angled-leg tents, especially in windy conditions.

As with any recreational-grade 10x10 tent that doesn't have a full cross-truss system, we never recommend leaving it up during moderate winds or heavy rain. It only takes just a few minutes to set up and take down, so it's always best to put it back into its carrying bag and in storage during adverse conditions to ensure its longevity and maintain everyone's safety.

How does it compare to alternatives?

It’s important to compare Quictent with its competitors so you can decide which is the best option for you, despite our overall positive reviews of the canopy. Let’s take a look at how it compares to the popular Crown Shades instant shelter and the EZ Up Ambassador series.

Quictent vs. Crown Shades

The Crown Shades 10x10 canopy, like Quictent, offers a similar straight-leg design with 100 square feet of shade coverage. Crown Shades stands out with its vented canopy peak for better airflow, but the material is made with 150D silver-coated polyester fabric which is slightly inferior to Quictent's 400D thread density and thickness. They both retail around the same price point, but Crown Shades does not include mesh walls, so Quictent wins here for those who want to stay insect-free.

Quictent vs. EZ Up

EZ Up has plenty of different series, but the features of Quictent best align with the Ambassador model. Both Quictent and the EZ Up Ambassador are straight-leg canopies that weigh 31 lbs, but the main difference is that Quictent has three leg height adjustments instead of EZ Up's two. EZ Up is slightly more affordable than the Quictent, but the latter comes with side netting so it could be argued that if you don't need mesh netting you could save on price with EZ Up.

We do think the EZ Up roller bag with its TRAX wheel system is a better design, but we found that at just 31 lbs we usually carry our Quictent to where we are going to set up it instead of rolling the bag along the ground.

Is the Quictent 10x10 Canopy Worth It?

Ultimately, we need to address this critical question: Does the Quictent 10x10 Pop-Up Canopy offer good value for money? Based on our review and knowledge of similar products, there’s a lot to love about this canopy and it certainly is good value for the money. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and offers a range of features that enhance this value.

We think a Quictent canopy tent is a solid choice for those seeking a reliable and functional outdoor shelter. It is priced affordably and offers an array of features that enhance its value, including its durability, ease of setup, and mesh netting, making it an ideal option for both home and commercial use. While it does face some challenges in terms of long-term durability, it offers a great bang for your buck, making it a worthwhile investment.