Best Tent For a Tall Person

Indoors are for head-bumping. You shouldn't have to worry about that on your camping trip. Check out our recommendation for the best tent for a tall person.

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If you are a tall person, you may have problems enough with low doorframes or clothing items which are too short. But if you want to go camping, you will have further hassles, since many tents cannot comfortably accommodate taller individuals.

Thankfully, this problem is not universal. In this article, we will introduce you to a tent which is a head above the rest (pun intended). But first, let's talk about what you need to consider when you are shopping for a tent to accommodate a tall person.

Important Considerations When Shopping for a Tent for a Tall Person

When shopping for a tent for a tall person, you need to ask yourself how you intend to use that tent, and what will make you comfortable.

Do you want to be able to merely sit upright in the tent? Or do you want to be able to stand up at your full height without crouching? How much clearance do you want to have above your head?

After you have the appropriate measurements in mind, you will be able to start shopping for a tent.

You will want to note the maximum height at the center of the tent you are thinking of purchasing.

Also pay attention to the slope of the roof of the tent. Ideally, the slope will not be too steep; that way, even if you are not standing directly in the center of the tent where the ceiling is highest, you might still be able to stand without crouching.

Consider the overall dimensions of the tent as well, because you are going to be lying down to sleep for the night. The tent needs to have sufficient square footage that you can sprawl out comfortably. You do not want to have to sleep curled up in a ball.

Our Recommended Tent for a Tall Person: The Coleman 8-Person Tent

Now that we have talked about some key considerations for choosing a tent for taller occupants, let’s check out our recommended tent, which is the Coleman 8-Person Tent.

Coleman 8-Man Tent

With two people working together, we were able to set up this tent in about five minutes on our first try. On our second try, we were able to do it in just three minutes. Once we had it set up, we double checked the measurements and found that it indeed, it measures 14 feet by 10 feet at the base. Standing in the very center, the height from floor to ceiling is 6 feet, 7 inches.

Even our tallest team member, who is around 6 feet tall, was able to stand upright inside the tent with a few inches of extra clearance in the middle. For the most part, he was also able to you walk around inside the tent still relatively upright. He had to crouch a little closer to the edges, but not much.

It is possible to fit two queen-size airbeds on the floor of this tent, so sleeping comfortably isn't a problem even if you are very tall. Adding to the sense of spaciousness are a total of seven screened windows. So it is delightfully airy and breathable inside the tent, and you can enjoy beautiful views of your surroundings.

Can you actually fit eight people in here? The answer to that question is yes—we tried it. Everybody fit inside the tent simultaneously, and it wasn’t even too crowded. Naturally, however, it will be a lot more roomy and luxurious with fewer people at a time.

As to materials and build, the tent is made out of Polyguard 2x double thick fabric, which is sturdy enough to handle significant wear and tear without damage. We feel confident that this tent could perform great for years if you take proper care of it.

Adding to the quality of the construction is the WeatherTec system with inverted seams and patented corner welds. These help you to stay comfortable and dry in light rain conditions, though it is highly recommended you get the rain fly for extra protection. And do not forget that sideways rain can easily blow inside through the windows if you leave them uncovered.

Happily, zip-up covers come with the tent. So when you want to stop wind or precipitation from blowing inside, you can cover the windows fully. This also is a nice privacy feature if you are camping close to other people. We did notice it was hard to completely close off the windows at the very top. This is why we still suggest the rainfly in case of a downpour.

Providing you with extra convenience, the tent includes mesh storage pockets built right into the walls. You can use these to keep your small accessories organized, handy, and off the floor.

In terms of appearance, you have three different color options for the Coleman 8-Person Tent. You can get a gray and black color combination, a gray and blue color combination, or a brownish version of the tent. All three of these are neutral color combinations which should satisfy most tastes.

The tent comes with a convenient carrying bag so that you can easily bring it to and from your campsite. We have seen a variety of measurements for the tent when it is inside the bag. When we checked, we came up with 46"L x 16" W x 15" H. It took a little bit longer to put away the tent than it did to set it up, but this is typical with camping tents. It fit easily into the back of our vehicle.

Conclusion: The Coleman 8-Person Tent Can Comfortably Accommodate a Tall Person

Now you know what to expect if you choose the Coleman 8-Person Tent. Whether you are looking for a tent for eight people or not, it is an ideal option for one or more taller occupants. It offers excellent overhead clearance, is spacious, open, and airy, and is ruggedly built to stand up to the elements and regular use in a wide range of environments.