Best Canopy Tent for Your BBQ

Best Canopy Tent for Your BBQ

Chicken and burgers taste better when you can sit back in the shade.

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Hosting a barbeque? Then you’ll want to provide a little shelter for your guests, so they can enjoy the party whatever the weather. Whether your planned get together will be on the beach or in your backyard, here are a couple of suitable choices.

Tough, reliant, easy

For a canopy tent that’s tough and reliant, then look to the 10'x10' Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy from Core. So if you’re having the event in your garden or a coastal spot, it should be able to withstand whatever the weather throws at it. The steel frame is reinforced with plastic hinges that should remain robust even in above average gusts of wind. The canopy itself has been lauded for its quality, garnering praise for its ability to repel water and providing the most highly rated UV protection too. So, for those guests who like to stay out of the sun, it’s just the thing.

This resilient tent is also easy to put up, taking one person a little over four minutes and two people less than two and a half minutes. When it comes to taking down the tent, it’s straightforward too. Moreover, as it doesn’t weigh much or take up too much space, it won’t be difficult to transport to the location of your barbeque. So it’s user-friendly and hassle free, which is just what you want when you’re planning a party.

Core is not the most well-known of the canopy tent manufacturers, but here the lesser-known has come to the fore. It could well be a case in which the underdog has won the prize because in our eyes it just might be the best one.

Light, strong, durable

One of the most user-friendly canopy tents you could utilise is the 10'x10' Instant Sun Shelter from Coleman. Their comfort grip technology is particularly note worthy, making for a straightforward construction. It took one person under three and half minutes to put up, and two people just over one and half minutes. Even on an exceptionally hot day, you’ll stay cool under the ventilated canopy and have UV protection that would be exceptionally difficult to beat. You won’t lose out in the style stakes either, as this canopy tent with its white and green contrast, will leave your fellow beach dwellers envious.

Moreover, this canopy tent is lighter than most models available, so if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, it could be your top choice. You’ll be able to transport it from place to place with ease.

Barbeque chicken

Your barbeque

So there you have a couple of suggestions for canopy tents that would be well-suited to your planned get together. Look up canopy tent reviews to find the best canopy tent for your party. When setting up your barbeque, just be sure not to put the grill under the tent – it’s for the guests, not the food. Now go forth and get ready for your party, and if you need any recipes for your barbeque look online, you’ll find lots of tasty recipes, that will tantalize the taste buds of your guests.

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