Best canopy tent for your party

Best canopy tent for your party

There's nothing quite like spending an evening with good company.

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The best pop up canopy for your party

Having a party? Then you won’t want your plans spoilt, just because the weather’s being unpredictable. You’ll want to be prepared for all eventualities. Put a pop up canopy tent in your garden, so your guests can enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather.

There’s nothing worse at a party than too many people squeezed into too small a space. You want people to be able to circulate easily. So put a canopy in your garden, and you and your guests will be able to make the most of every inch of your outside space. But which one’s the best to choose? We’ve put together a shortlist of the best ones available:

Classic style that’s convenient

Look to AlumaShade’s 10'×10' Instant Canopy for a pop up canopy tent that’s easy to assemble and will provide your garden with a stylish feature. It’s perfect for an outdoor get-together. This canopy is particularly robust with a truss cross construction that’s more stable than many. Moreover, the powder coated steel frame is resistant to corrosion, so this tent should last you for many years to come – so you can plan many more social events.

Not into DIY? Don’t worry, this tent is also easy to assemble and won’t require the use of any tools at all. In fact, it took one person less than five minutes to set up this tent and two people a little over two minutes – so what’s not to like. It’s also an extremely versatile canopy too, giving you five height choices and coverage that provides both 99% UV protection and water resistance. So, AlumaShade’s offering might well prove the best pop up canopy for your event.

Wine being poured

Easy does it every time

For an even speedier option try the EZ-Up - Sierra II 12'x12' Shelter. This icon of simplicity took one person about 3 ½ minutes to put together, and two people just 1 minute 40 seconds. So, it won’t take too much time away from the all-important partying. Its quick assembly is down to a clever design which incorporates push button technology and an easy pull pin component.

However, not only is this canopy tent particularly easy to use, but it’s also larger than the previous option, with a 12 x 12 frame. You might find that extra space makes all the difference. The peak height of 8 feet 7 inches also gives the canopy a very roomy feel, so no one’s going to have to duck or dive.

What about weather protection? Well, this top tent is also water resistant, provides 99% UV protection and the tapered design make it more stable in windy conditions too. Again, in this case, the frame is powder coated to provide resistance to corrosion, so it’s also a tent that should last well. Easy to take down and small in dimensions when packed away, it won’t cause you any storage hassles either.

So, there you have a couple of suggestions for foolproof pop up canopy tents, which prove user-friendly, allowing you concentrate on the party in hand.

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