What Size Canopoy Fits My Truck?

What Size Canopoy Fits My Truck?

If you are going to a tailgating party or you are heading out camping, it can be helpful to have a canopy tent that you can fit over the back of your truck. This post will serve as your guide to help you choose the right canopy tent size for your truck.

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If you are going to a tailgating party or you are heading out camping, it can be helpful to have a canopy tent that you can fit over the back of your truck. This post will serve as your guide to help you choose the right canopy tent size for your truck.

Pop-Up Canopy Tents vs. Truck Tents

Before we get into talking about sizing, we want to clarify that there are two different types of tents you might be considering for your truck.

The first type is a truck bed tent. This is a canopy that fits right over the back of your truck, enclosing the truck bed. The main purpose of a truck tent is to let you sleep right in the back of your truck instead of on the ground.

The other type is a pop-up canopy tent. This type of tent stands on four tall legs, and features an overhead canopy. It does not fit directly over the truck bed; instead, you can park the back of your truck underneath it. You can get sidewalls for it if you wish, but otherwise, it is an open design that provides shade and shelter from above.

Many people use pop-up canopy tents for tailgating parties. You wouldn’t sleep under one, but you can still use it for shade or to keep your gear in the back of the truck dry while camping.

Determining the Size You Need

For either type of tent, the first step is to measure the size of your truck bed. Use a tape measure to get both the width and the length. Take note of whether you have a Full Size or Compact Size truck bed, and also with the length is Regular, Short or Long.

You may be able to skip the tape measure step. Just look up your make, model and year of vehicle online, and you might find the measurements. Just make sure that you are referencing a trustworthy, accurate source (such as the manufacturer of the vehicle).

  • Truck tents: If you are getting a truck bed tent, you need to check the dimensions of the tent against the measurements you took for your truck bed. Make sure they are a match. While you are at it, pay close attention to the height measurement for the truck tent. Ensure that it will be tall enough for you to be comfortable inside. A lot of people overlook this dimension and then end up feeling cramped.
  • Pop-up canopy tents: If you want to get a pop-up canopy tent, you will need to start by figuring out how much clearance you want around your truck bed. Add those measurements to the measurements of the truck bed itself to determine how large the canopy tent needs to be. Remember to account for any furniture (i.e. chairs or tables) you want to set up around the truck, people who will be sitting or standing underneath, etc.

That is all there is to it. Choosing the right size for your pop-up canopy tent or truck bed tent is pretty straightforward. As long as you have the exact measurements of the truck bed and you carefully check the dimensions of the product you want to purchase, you should be just fine.

Other Buying Considerations When Choosing a Canopy Tent for Your Truck

While getting the right size of tent for your truck is important, it is not the only thing you need to think about as you are picking out a product. Here are some additional considerations.

  • Durability: How sturdy is the tent? Consider the materials of the rods/poles as well as the canopy. A canopy with a high denier rating will be stronger and hold up better to use in all weather conditions. Normally, we would also tell you to consider weight as a feature to balance against durability, but in this case it does not matter, as you will be using the truck to transport the tent.
  • Water-resistance: Check if the materials and seams of the tent are weather-resistant. One of the main purposes of a tent is to keep you or your items dry.
  • Easy to set up and take down: You should be able to set up a well-designed tent in a matter of minutes even working by yourself or with just one other person. Taking the tent down likewise should be relatively simple and quick.
  • Airflow and insulation (truck bed tents):When you are inside your truck bed tent, you do not want it to feel stifling; there should be sufficient airflow to keep you comfortable. At the same time, you want the tent to insulate you effectively against the cold.
  • Venting (pop-up tents): Pop-up canopy tents can billow in the wind if they do not have vents, which can lead to them tearing or even pulling free. So, look for a tent that features vents to prevent this issue.
  • Appearance: While not as important as the functional features above, the look of your tent is worth considering. If you have the option of a stylish tent, go for it. And if you are going to be using it in hot weather, you should consider choosing a lighter color to help you stay cool; the hue of your tent impacts more than just aesthetics.
  • Cost: Many of the best tents for trucks are in the mid-price range. The cheapest tents are usually not as high in quality, but it is not always necessary to purchase a premium tent.


Determining the size of tent you need for the back of your truck is pretty easy; it is just a matter of checking the measurements for your truck bed and the product. You also now know some of the other important buying considerations you need to have in mind as you compare products. Keep exploring our site to learn more about pop-up canopy tents and truck tents, and to discover quality products.

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