Tips for Buying and Decorating a Wedding Canopy

Tips for Buying and Decorating a Wedding Canopy

A pop up canopy can be a lifesaver at a wedding. Follow some of our decoration tips so it blends in seamlessly.

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Rain or shine, pop up canopy tents are the ideal solution for weddings, as they protect guests, personal belongings, gifts, and furniture from the elements during the festivities. Because there are numerous options from which to choose when selecting a tent of this kind, it may at first seem like a challenging endeavor. Below are some tips to make the selection process a bit less daunting:

Size and Style

If you are planning a large gathering with a significant number of tables and chairs, it is essential to select a large canopy with proper ventilation. If you are holding a small or medium-sized gathering at a community park, the beach, or on your own property, a triangular sail canopy or traditional small canopy tent is sufficient. To make the best selection, consider where the tent will be placed and the size of the guest list.

Frame Material

Steel or aluminum are typically used to make most canopy tent frames. If portability is an issue, aluminum is a better choice, as it is lightweight. However, it may not stand up against windy conditions as well as steel. If you have concerns about rain or wind on the day of the ceremony, treated steel is the best choice.

Lightweight VS. Heavy-Duty

Heavy-duty canopies can stay erect for longer periods of time than their lightweight counterparts, and they can also withstand the elements better. However, lightweight models–those under 40 pounds–fit neatly into the trunks of most motor vehicles and can easily be assembled and disassembled by several adults. The elements, the length of time the tent must stand, and the number of people available to help with the assembly should all be considered when you make this decision.

Cover Material

Cover material is important, regardless of the style tent you choose. Polyester is a popular choice, as it is resistant to water, durable, and usually quite affordable. Polyester with a vinyl coating is a great option if you are looking for material that is both UV resistant and waterproof. However, vinyl coated polyester is quite heavy and this should be taken into consideration when you make your choice. A flame retardant material is necessary if you plan to use the tent near an open fire during the event.

Assembly and Portability

The best pop up canopy tents often come with simple set up procedures and easy open features. However, you should measure your vehicle to make sure the tent you plan to purchase fits appropriately. Investing in carry bags or roller bags is a good idea if you plan on purchasing a large canopy tent.

Decorating Your Tent

Purchasing an appropriate tent is necessary to a successful outdoor wedding, but you must also give thought to how the tent should be decorated. Below are some terrific themes you may wish to consider:

Whimsical Floral

Simple floral pieces and lanterns hung inside the tent serve as perfect focal points for an outdoor reception. Strategically place them along each wall of the tent and hang additional lanterns and floral sprays above the area of the tent you plan to use as a dance floor.

Natural Glamor

Lush green garlands are currently one of the hottest trends in outdoor decor and can be used to great advantage in your reception tent. Use garland to decorate both the inside and outside of the tent and complete the look with sequined tablecloths and mini string lights.

Elegant and Rustic

Pairing lush, healthy peonies from a reliable florist with farm-style tables creates the perfect combination of rustic and elegant. Add all-natural garlands to this look and you will find yourself in the middle of a dreamy venue that is different from virtually all traditional themes.

Simple Vineyard

If you are searching for a less-is-more theme, consider simple vineyard decor. To design this easy look, merely place a no fuss garland at the tent's entrance, hang vintage lanterns along the pathways in and around the tent, and spread colorful flower petals down the aisle.

Decorating With Sequins

Sequins can be used to create a gorgeous decor without much work. Simply hang a beautiful chandelier in the center of the tent and surround it with whimsical string lights and sequined tablecloths.

Gold-Pink Paradise

If you enjoy the glamor of Hollywood, decorate in tones of pink and gold. For example, use elegant, pink-toned glassware, golden chairs, and a subtle, metallic chandelier in the same shades. This look can quickly transform any traditional tent into a glamorous place to celebrate.

It is always best to comparison shop before making a final decision. However, when you follow the aforementioned tips and choose any of the decorating styles listed above, you are guaranteed to be pleased with the outcome of your event.

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