Fun Fall Wedding Ideas

Fun Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall weddings can provide opportunities for unique decor and stunning photos.

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Autumn is here! You couldn’t ask for a better time to get married. The weather is more temperate than it is during summer or winter, the leaves are turning, and there is the promise of change on the crisp, cool air. What a time to begin a new journey with the person you love, and to celebrate your union in style with family and friends.

Looking for ideas for a wedding that fits with the season? Here are some autumn wedding ideas you are going to love.

1. Choose an outdoor location with beautiful fall foliage.

Can you have a fall wedding indoors? Of course. But why would you? This is one of the most breathtaking times of the year. If you hold your wedding outdoors, you have the colourful foliage acting as a backdrop. It provides an instant colour palette for your celebration, and can make for stunning photos.

2. Incorporate autumn leaves into your décor.

Speaking of fall foliage, whether you hold your wedding ceremony and celebration indoors or outdoors, you can certainly incorporate the leaves into your décor.

Fall branches and leaves can look beautiful in floral arrangements and centerpieces. You can use them to line the aisle for your ceremony. They even can work in lieu of confetti. You may come up with other ideas for how you can integrate them as well.

3. Serve autumn-themed cuisine and snacks.

One of the most exciting things about fall is all the delicious foods that come with it! This is the time of year to enjoy squash and pumpkin dishes, caramel apples, apple and pumpkin pie, and other tasty recipes, snacks, and treats. Autumn beverages like cider and pumpkin lattes can also refresh your guests.

4. Add rustic touches to your décor or even your wedding attire.

Rustic weddings have been all the rage for years now, and this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You can have a beautiful rustic wedding at any time of the year, but there is no denying that rustic décor seems particularly well-suited to autumn.

So, consider using materials like burlap and wood. Make use of tree stumps, barrels, wagons, and other rustic elements.

You can also go for a homespun look with your attire, opting for old-fashioned styles for the bride and groom.

Bride in fall

5. Set up a canopy tent for the celebration and decorate it for fall.

If you are going to hold your wedding celebration outside, you are going to need a way to provide some shelter for your guests.

You can set up the tables underneath large canopy tents. Canopy tents are ideal for fall weddings for a number of reasons:

  • They are cost-effective.
  • You can set them up quickly and easily. Taking them down should not take much longer than setting them up.
  • You can choose to add or remove sidewalls as needed based on the weather the day of the celebration. If you wake up that day and the weather is fair, you can skip the sidewalls entirely. If it is a bit breezy and cold, or if there is rain, you can add as many sidewalls as you need.
  • Canopy tents offer shelter, but still allow guests to enjoy views of the surrounding fall landscape. In fact, you can even get sidewalls with windows. That way, even if you have to put them up, you do not block out the views entirely.
  • Canopy tents allow for open airflow, allowing you to take advantage of beautiful fall weather and ensuring that your guests feel comfortable.

How can you decorate your tent so that it fits with the fall theme? Think about putting bundles of corn, barrels, hay bales, or pumpkins around the legs of the tent (some of these may even help you provide more support for the tent on a breezy day). You can also tie bundles of branches, flowers, or other autumn décor higher up around the legs.

6. Offer blankets for guests.

A really popular outdoor wedding trend right now for autumn is to make blankets available for guests.

Just get some baskets and neatly fold or roll up soft flannel blankets. Put them inside the baskets, and post signs next to them. The signs can say something like, "To have and to hold in case you get cold."

Not only do these blankets fit within the fall theme while keeping your guests comfortable on a chilly day or night, but they also can serve as keepsakes for family and friends.

Plus, you can use them when taking photos. No matter what your guests are wearing, when they have their blankets around them, they will be coordinated with each other and with your theme.

7. Accessorize for fall.

The bride will usually wear all white for the wedding, but there is no reason not to accessorize with a bit of color.

Along with bringing rustic elements into your wedding attire, you can also add a touch of autumn.

This can be as simple as the bride wearing flowers or leaves in her hair in the orange, gold, and red tones of the season. The groom can wear a matching boutonnière.

This is a great way to coordinate your wardrobe with each other and with your décor to make for even more photogenic shots of your special day.

8. Invite guests to sit around the fire.

Fire pits at a wedding

If your celebration will go on into the evening, you can warm up your guests not just with blankets, but also with fire pits. Have marshmallows available for toasting, and offer ingredients that guests can use to make s’mores.

Enjoy Planning Your Fall Wedding

Now you have some ideas for how you can plan your wedding ceremony and celebration this autumn. Make the most of the temperate weather, the colorful leaves, and the colors and flavors of the season. This is a day you will remember forever, and with a beautifully planned wedding, you will find yourself reliving those memories every fall as the leaves start to turn.

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