Legit Double Hammock Review

Legit Double Hammock Review

A great product to stick in your bag alongside your rain tent.

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A reader got into touch with us last week and told us about his latest camping trip. He had purchased a tent from our list of the best waterproof tents and spent a weekend with his friends enjoying the great outdoors. He mentioned that two products left the biggest impression on him. First was his rain tent, but second was a hammock that he had recently purchased. He sent us a review of the hammock, which we decided to include. We love hearing for our readers and want to pass along any recommendations we can. So here it is.


Legit Camping is following a business plan that I strongly support. Make one product and make it well. If you are shopping for a double camping hammock, the Legit Double Hammock is my pick for best value. It is priced competitively for any single-person hammock, even amongst those that are significantly lesser in quality.

First Impression

The hammock ships inside of its permanently attached stuff sack. Whenever I opened the box, my immediate impression was that the hammock looks “cool”. It has a little bit of a wow factor, especially if you are any kind of outdoor gearhead. The brand sports a logo that looks trendy. The black silhouette sloth reminds me of Backcountry’s logo. It looks great centered on the front of the two-tone stuff sack.

The hammock comes with everything you need to start lounging. Carabiners and tree straps are included so you could take this out of the box, stick it right in your backpack, and hit the trail if you wanted.

The hammock can be purchased in many different color combinations. Mine is red and grey and is very visible when set up. Again, I feel like this hammock has a “cool” factor that many of the other hammocks that I have seen don’t have. The parachute material has a slight sheen to it that draws your eye. Whenever I set mine up in populated areas, I often wind-up answering questions about it to interested people who walk by. I like to brag every now and then, so I don’t mind it.


The tree straps are thick and padded so that they do not damage the bark. The only part of a hammock that touches, and therefore impacts, the environment is the straps. So, I like to see Legit Camping making an effort to ensure that their product has as low of an impact as possible. The tree saver straps are long enough that you can attach them to any reasonably sized tree. It would be hard to find a tree in the northeastern United States (that’s where I live) that would be too thick for the straps. The tree saver straps serve multiple purposes. They protect the tree bark, they ensure that the rope that goes around the tree won’t fray due to friction with coarse tree bark, and they add an additional element of friction to make sure that the straps don’t slip down the trunk of the tree.

Waterproof Legit Double Hammock

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The hammock is made from high quality 210T Nylon. This is the same type of material that parachutes are made from because it is durable and light weight. The hammock is constructed well. It has a single stich along the edge of the fabric, which is all you really need. This stitch is for looks and to prevent fraying. Legit Camping uses triple stitching on seams that support pressure such as where one piece of fabric connects to another and in the loops at each end of the hammock. Whenever I see hammocks rip, it is usually at one of these locations, so I like to see that Legit Camping triple stitched these seams.

Another feature that I like about this hammock is that it uses double cords instead of a single cord. Many of the cheaper products I have reviewed only use one. By using double cords at the anchor points and inside the tree straps, Legit Camping ensures that their product can support up to 400lbs.

I really like the fact that the stuff sack is attached. It looks a little goofy because the hammock is sleek, and the stuff sack looks like it doesn’t belong. But it is pragmatic. First, I don’t have to worry about losing it. I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many stuff sacks I have lost on camping trips, so I appreciate not having to worry about losing another one. The other benefit to the attached stuff sack is actually an unintended feature. It functions as a pocket. The first night I camped in it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a convenient spot to store my valuables before I fell asleep. The attached stuff sack spoiled me, and I now find it inconvenient when hammocks don’t have anywhere to store the items that I might need during the night.


Setup is easy. You wrap the included tree straps around the tree and feed the loop back through itself. The loop makes the straps act like a choker collar. When you lay in the hammock, the straps tighten around the tree, ensuring that the straps don’t slip down the trunk. Once you have the straps pulled tight, you can use the included carabiner to attach each end of the hammock to the tree. You can make knots in the slack from the tree strap to control the tautness of your hammock so that your hammock doesn’t droop. Out of the box, I set this hammock up in under 2 minutes.


I don’t have many negative things to say about this hammock, but I will point out a few issues that I found. First, it is very uncomfortable to sleep in any two-person hammock that doesn’t have cross supports. Whenever a person lays in a hammock, gravity pulls him or her to the center. Whenever you put two people into a hammock, gravity pulls both of them into the center. The two people are squeezed against each other, which makes sleeping unpleasant. Cross supports prevent this from happening because the rigid supports prevent the hammock from folding on itself. But this hammock doesn’t have cross supports because it is a camping hammock. Camping hammocks value portability, so you never find cross supports in any camping hammock. Although this hammock is marketed as a double hammock, I do not recommend it for two people.

My next issue is that there isn’t enough cord included with the hammock. It is rare that you find two trees that are at a perfect distance from each other. In the real world, you need to use extra cord to anchor your hammock to two trees that are too far apart. The tree straps that are included are not long enough to anchor to trees that aren’t within that 3-foot ideal range, so you will need to bring your own cord in addition to the included contents.


Overall, I am thrilled with my Legit Camping Double Hammock as a single person hammock. It is light weight, durable, and comfortable. It has an appealing design and quality components. I own a lot of hammocks, but I find myself grabbing my Legit Camping Double Hammock whenever I am going backpacking because it is a cool little hammock that is fun to show off.

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