Health Benefits of a Beach Vacation

Health Benefits of a Beach Vacation

Did you know that there are proven health benefits associated with a relaxing trip to the beach?

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A beach holiday, unbeknownst to many, is necessary for our overall health and well-being. According to marine biologists, since it's springtime, we should have a holiday at the beach planned already! If you don't have one scheduled yet, you should definitely reconsider as being near water coaxes our active brains into releasing serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, which are what we call as happy chemicals.

Continue reading as what we have below are the reasons why a holiday at the beach is necessary!

Water helps us retain our natural state.

From the onset of our lives, we're mostly made of water. As a matter of fact, the bodies of babies contain water at an astounding rate of 75%. As we age, however, we become drier as it is reduced to 60%. As for our brains, three-fourths of them are made of water. Our bones, on the other hand, consist 31% of water.

The brain which sits in a clear and colorless cerebrospinal fluid, reacts to water fondly as our ancient ancestors evolved from swimming, then crawling to walking. Fetuses even have gill-slit structures during their earliest stages of development. Water that's in our cells, as it was found, is comparable to sea water.

This biological connection of humans to water triggers an instant response inside our brains. This is why when you're near the ocean, you immediately feel as if you are in a good state or in the exact place where you need to be.

We are more relaxed when we're by the coast.

Even the slightest hint or sight of the ocean calms us subconsciously. Several areas of our brains that have been associated with more empathy and less stress are instantly activated when we take a closer look at scenes of nature. Pictures of landscapes in urban areas elicit activity in areas of our brains that are associated with stress. However, when we see pictures of nature, there's a heightened activity in parts that are linked with emotional stability, positive outlook, and recollection of wonderful memories.

The coast or any body of water creates faster positive reactions in us. Several studies have been conducted, which all found that coastal images are more effective at activating our reward systems, the areas in our brains that are full of opioid receptors, which trigger feelings of wellness.

Looking at pictures may be good but being near water is even better.

Looking at pictures of the sea may relax us but being immersed in nature wins over anything else. Water rejuvenates our tired minds. In today's fast-paced world, we have more social media networks to update, websites to refresh, and screens to watch. Our fatigued brains require recharging. Fortunately, water helps in making that happen. What's interesting is that nature doesn’t simply rejuvenate our tired minds, but it also gives as an attention-restoring experience!

Blue soothes the soul.

Blue, as it turns out, can be considered as the favorite color of the world. Hundreds of thousands of research projects conducted all over the world concluded that blue is the favorite color of people, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity.

We are not really surprised as we have evolved on the planet that's full of shades of blue. If you think about it, it actually makes sense why blue would stimulate an emotional response that's 100% positive in us. Try to be surrounded by the color blue and notice feeling less fatigued or claustrophobic.

By now, we are pretty certain that we've convinced you to finally book that beach holiday you've been postponing for so long! Before you head for the beach, here are the things you need to bring with you to enjoy it all the more:

Beach Day Essentials for a More Relaxed Beach Holiday

  • Sunscreen – it is important that you protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Pack a bottle of sunscreen and make sure that you reapply as often as possible to get your needed coverage.
  • A suit + an extra pair – it is inevitable for someone to spill something on you while at the beach as everyone is carefree being near water. You are also likely to rip your swimsuit, so make sure you're ready with a spare in case that happens. If you'll be with your family, bring a spare for each family member. That way, you'll be able to enjoy the water and the waves the entire day!
  • Extra towels – obviously, you will need a towel when you want to dry off. It is smart to bring a spare as well as towels get soaked rather quickly!
  • Beach tent – this one is an absolute must-have when at the beach. A beach tent provides myriads of benefits: it provides better protection from the sun and it protects your belongings from being blown away by the wind or getting wet. It even offers privacy!
  • A stocked cooler – a beach day takes so much of our energy, especially to kids, so you must have a cooler stocked with water, munchies, and juice boxes to keep tummies full and the energy up for hours!
  • Clothes and cover ups – there are beach-side restaurants that won't serve families that are still sporting their swimsuits; therefore, you need to pack trendy backup outfits or cover ups just in case.
  • Beach toys – make you and your children's time at the beach is even more fun and memorable by bringing shovels and pails to make sandcastles with! To make it even better, have a fun water-side competition!
  • Goggles and floaties – these are swim-time essentials for kids. The floaties can give you your much-needed peace of mind. As for the goggles, it'll help the kids see the wonders below the surface.
  • First-aid kit – of course, you wouldn't want a bump or little scrape to ruin a fun day at the beach. Be prepared and bring your own first-aid kit!
  • Waterproof camera – last, but not the least, is a waterproof camera. You would want to document a wonderful day without worrying about an expensive camera getting wet or stolen. A disposable waterproof camera is the perfect solution!

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