12 Things to Bring With You to Enjoy the Beach With a Baby

12 Things to Bring With You to Enjoy the Beach With a Baby

We comprised a list of beach essentials for families with newborn babies so you can be fully prepared on vacation this summer.

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Planning an outing to the beach with a baby? If so, there are certain essential supplies which you will need to bring to ensure your little one’s safety and comfort. Below are some recommendations to ensure the that you both have a wonderful time! Use this list in addition to our recent post on fun things to bring to the beach!

Canopy tent

One supply which you will definitely want to bring to the beach if you will have your baby with you is a canopy tent. It is important to protect your own skin from harmful UV rays, but your baby’s skin is even more sensitive and needs extra protection.

Plus, a canopy tent will also make for a cooler, more comfortable environment for you and your baby to relax and enjoy the sparkle of the waves and the pleasant sea breeze.

Cotton Clothes and a Sun Hat

Dress your baby in convenient layers of cotton so that you can layer up or down as needed. Cotton is a good fabric for regulating temperature. While a canopy tent will provide lots of shade throughout the day, you should also have your baby wear a sun hat to provide even more protection.


A baby beach tent should to some extent prevent sunburn, but not entirely. Morning or late afternoon sunlight may still potentially cause sunburn. Plus, you probably will not spend the entire time underneath the shade of the canopy.

Because babies have sensitive skin, use a sunscreen which won’t cause irritation. That means choosing a sunscreen specifically for babies. It is usually best to keep outings with babies relatively short, but if you do end up spending more than a couple of hours at the beach, do not forget to reapply.


Your baby's eyes need sun protection, just like yours. Get a pair of sunglasses for your baby to wear as you are walking on the beach.

Inflatable Pool

If your baby is too small to play with you in the water, he or she does not need to miss out on all the fun. Bring a small inflatable pool and set it up under the canopy where you and your baby can play safely away from the ocean currents. This is also an option if the ocean water causes your baby irritation (from the salt) or anxiety.

Toddler playing with toys on the beach


Beach toys are a must to keep your baby entertained for the duration of your outing to the beach. A few simple plastic toys such as buckets and shovels should suffice.

In fact, a plastic shovel is also useful since you can use it to dig a small pit in the sand. This can keep your baby’s toys more easily contained, and it also provides a cooler surface for your baby to sit on. It may discourage crawling away as well.

First-Aid Kit

You do not want to take the risk of your baby getting injured at the beach with no first aid. Make sure you have a fully-stocked kit with you at all times.

Towels or Picnic Blankets

While sand has a fun and intriguing texture and is great for sensory play, it can be a bit too abrasive for sensitive young skin. So bring towels or picnic blankets with you to lay out on the sand so your baby is not in direct, constant contact with the coarse grains. This can also help protect your baby from heat from the ground.

Food, Water, and Formula

If your baby is still being fed on formula, you can bring it with you. Otherwise, you can pack solid foods for an older baby. Keep them easy to eat, and if possible, try and serve them to your baby item by item. This will prevent them from getting sand in them.

While you are it, bring plenty of water with you! Both you and your baby will need to stay hydrated in order to enjoy the day. It isn’t just the sun which can dehydrate you on the beach. Dry winds can make the issue worse.


A cooler will be very helpful both for keeping foods and beverages at a comfortable and refreshing temperature on a hot, sunny day.

Spray Bottle

Speaking of cool and refreshing, you might also want to think about packing a spray bottle with water. Why? If you or your baby become overheated, one fast way to cool down without actually taking a dip in the ocean is just to spray a little cool water.

Toddler playing in the sand

Float Vest, Armbands, etc.

If your baby is old enough to play with you in the water, you’re going to need to bring a float suit or armbands or another flotation device designed to help keep them safe. There are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • A baby may get uncomfortably cold in the ocean very fast. Even if you feel fine, if you notice that your baby looks to be shivering, returning to your site right away. A warm towel can help your baby get comfortable again quickly.
  • You must hold onto your baby firmly at all times. A flotation device alone is not sufficient to ensure your baby’s safety. Drifting away is just as dangerous as sinking.
  • Some beaches have riptides. Never bring a baby into the water when riptides are active. They pose a major threat to swimmers of all ages.

Not all babies like swimming in the ocean, so if yours doesn’t, or if you don’t feel confident holding on to him or her, don’t push it. Just enjoy spending time together on the shore.

With the Right Supplies, You and Your Baby Can Look Forward to a Perfect Day at the Beach

Now you have a list of essential supplies to bring with you for your next outing to the beach with your baby. Think carefully, as there may be additional items that you want to bring which are not on this list. Being well-stocked for your day out can make the difference between whether your outing is a stressful one or whether it is a day of relaxation and fun.

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