Why You Might Want to Opt for a "Staycation" Next Year

Why You Might Want to Opt for a "Staycation" Next Year

We look at all of the wonderful things that UK residents can do in their own country.

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Choose a staycation for your next holiday, and whether you decide to stay in your home country or actually stay at home, you’ll find it has lots of advantages.

The unique UK

Step out and explore the stunning scenery and attractions the UK has to offer; and you’ll find a landscape of infinite variety to entice you, from urban to rural settings – they’ll be something to interest everyone. Discover the beauty of our national parks; walk around our vibrant cities, bustling market towns, quaint villages, beaches, brooks, hills, lakes and dales. Soak up the atmosphere of an ancient cathedral, set out on a country walk or take a trip to the coast. Staycations offer a plethora of opportunities to immerse yourself in the wonders of the UK, don’t miss out now.

History at your fingertips

Venture into a bygone age when you visit one of the many ancient monuments, historic houses, castles or museums the UK has to offer. Take a trip down memory lane when you explore the Beamish or Black Country open air museums, or tour a stately home – and gain an insight in times past, or simply…

Sit back and relax

Sometimes going on holiday can seem frenetic from start to finish, from catching a flight to meeting your checking out deadline, so switch gear, slow down and enjoy a change of pace.

Less stress

By staying at or close to home, you’ll cut out many of the stresses and strains that can come with planning a holiday, booking it and undertaking a long journey. So you can…


Do all those things you’ve meant to do and never got around to, from having time for your favourite hobby to visiting local attractions you’ve never been to before.

Home town rules

See your home town with fresh eyes and experience it much as a tourist would, plan days out, take walks and enjoy all it has to offer. Rediscover those easy-to-overlook gems you’ve been neglecting all this time, and appreciate home all the more.

Perfect for pets

Choose a staycation, and you won’t have to worry about man’s best friend feeling neglected, even if you head away from home, many holiday cottages allow you to bring them along - so all of the family will enjoy the holiday.


Plan a staycation, and you may well save money on everything from travel to accommodations costs. Splash out on a few essentials that will help your holiday go with a bang, invest in the best pop up canopy tent possible so that you can wind down in scenic surroundings, whether you are at home or away, then buy your favourite food and tipple, then relax.

Time effective

Lose less of your holiday to those aspects of a vacation that are most onerous, from checking in for your flight to time spent travelling; and have more time for the things you love. Yes, choose a staycation, and you’ll have more holiday to enjoy – so why would you do anything else?

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