Quick Gazebo Buying Guide

Quick Gazebo Buying Guide

A quick reference guide for gazebo variations and characteristics.

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There are several different types of portable gazebos for sale, all characterized by a wide range of styles, materials, and uses. Have you been looking for gazebo kits or quality custom canopies? If that's the case, then you've probably found out that it's quite hard to decide on which one to get. In order for you to make the right purchasing decision, keep on reading as we've put together a list of the different kinds of gazebos that are available for different functions, as well as a list of qualities to look for to help you identify which might be the best pop up gazebo for you.

Wedding Gazebos

Wedding gazebos are all the rave right now for budget wedding planning. This gazebo canopy brings a magical charm, regardless of the area where it is set up. These shelters typically come equipped with an awning material that runs down the corners and eaves to hide the locking mechanisms of the upper canopy and legs to provide a clean aesthetic. Most come in solid colors, and we found all-white or navy blue to be a favorite among wedding planners to help set the wedding mood. One of these excellent products makes a perfect backdrop for young lovers who are exchanging vows. That includes photographs which will preserve the wonderful memory of the couple's day forever, or for your guests to enjoy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails out of the sun.

Sporting Event/Tailgate Portable Gazebo Canopy

If you’ve ever been to a child’s soccer tournament or a college football tailgate, you might have noticed the abundance of canopy gazebo tents. This is because they serve the purpose of sun protection better than any other shelter available today. Umbrellas are often too small or need held all day, but a gazebo canopy can be setup and left up all day to enjoy the shade.

Hot Tub Gazebos

Ah, the magnificent hot tub gazebo. Soaking in a hot tub is one of our favorite things to do year-round, especially in the fall and winter months. To add a bit of flair to your patio hot tub, consider purchasing a small gazebo canopy to put over it. A hot tub gazebo is usually equipped with a flat wall, as well as an oval or rounded wall on one side, allowing you to have a decorative opening and a chance to push your tub against a contour surface without ruining it. They are often much smaller than the typical 10x10 canopy, perhaps somewhere in the 8x8 or even 6x6 dimensional footprint range. Throw up some lights on the perimeter trusses of the shelter to create an intimate ambiance. Just imagine kicking back and finally spending time with your husband or wife with a glass of Cab Sav in your hand, the cool breeze that's blowing, and soaking in warm, soothing water – isn't it lovely?

Pergola Gazebo

Another type that most people don't realize is available is the pergola. A pergola is something like a passageway of sturdy pillars that stretches over a brick-lined patio or decorative garden walkway. At the top, the ceiling is framed using an open lattice. Many landscapers grow climbing vines on the lattice. This results to a dynamic and enchanting garden shelter. You can also use a pergola as a beautiful passageway that leads to a building. The downside to a pergola is the lack of portability as they are often too heavy to move once they are in position. However, they provide a great addition to any garden, patio, or backyard pool area and are very affordable.

As you know by now, there are different types of gazebos available. There's so much to know about gazebos that we haven’t even touched the subject of materials yet.

Below is a list of all the things that your pop up gazebo should offer. Keep the features in mind as they will help you identify the best gazebo canopy in your preferred variation.


Do you want a pop up gazebo that can withstand anything that's thrown at it? Maybe a sudden downpour from a red wine spill? If your answer is yes, then look for a pop up gazebo that is made of fabric that can be cleaned and wiped easily. Also, make sure that the seams are sealed well. This won't just protect you from spillages inside the canopy, but it'll also protect you from unexpected rain. Fabrics are often coated in PVC for this purpose.

It would be helpful if the pop up gazebo is weighted, which is usually at the base, in order to protect it from strong winds. If you're anticipating rough weather, you'll have to tie the entire structure down, meaning the gazebo has to be pinned to the ground just like a tent. Even so, you need soft ground as you'll be hammering pegs.


Safety is among the key factors that you need to consider when purchasing a pop up gazebo or marquee. You can check whether the materials of the product are fire-rated, so you know if you can cook inside it.

In addition, the structure must also be sound and lightweight enough in order for you to avoid injury if an unfortunate accident happens. What most users do before they buy a pop up gazebo is contact the customer service department of a company that produces gazebos to know whether a certain product passes relevant standards set by the country's authorities.


Gardens come in every size and shape there is, which means you'll need a flexible pop up gazebo. The best type of gazebo is the one that has detachable panels on every side, so you can choose the location of the access points. If you need to cover a large area, sit several pop up gazebos next to each other. Most people stick to the standard sizes as they are easier to pair up. Canopies with straight legs will align directly next to one another with no gaps in coverage.

Ease of Use

Last but not the least, an ideal gazebo is one that is easy to use. Check the fastenings. You would want them too easily open and close. Zips or Velcro are some of the best options. Also, the zips must be hard wearing as they might be subjected to heavy load.

Bonus: although this is not necessary, some of the best pop up gazebos come with wheeled carry cases.

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