Gift Ideas for that Outdoorsy Person

Gift Ideas for that Outdoorsy Person

Having trouble finding a gift for that granola eater in your family? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

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Shopping for a present for someone who loves the great outdoors? Then you are in luck, because there are so many great gift ideas out there for outdoorsy people!

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Whether your recipient is into hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, fishing, kayaking, or something else altogether, they can always benefit from high-quality outdoor gear. Let's take a look at a few gift ideas that any outdoor enthusiast will love.

1. A quality multi-tool

One great gift that you cannot go wrong with is a well-made multi-tool. In fact, this is a bit like giving a whole bunch of gifts in one compact package. No matter what outdoor activities your recipient likes to do, a trusty new multi-tool will be exactly what they need when they need to turn a screw, open a bottle, cut something, take a measurement, or do any number of other things.

2. A compact first aid kit

Replace your recipient's bulky first aid kit with a compact, lightweight first aid kit made especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Hopefully your family member's outdoor excursions will be injury-free, but you never know how important this gift could end up being one day.

3. A camp stove

If your recipient is currently trying to cook everything over a campfire, you can make their life a whole lot easier by giving them a portable camp stove to pack for their next trip. This one appliance can make camping a whole lot more fun and nutritious, making it easy to prepare meals that are every bit as delicious as those they might prepare at home.

4. A park pass

If your recipient hits national parks each year, one awesome gift idea is a National Park Annual Pass. This pass will let your recipient come and go from any national park all year long without paying any additional fees.

This gift idea may also be ideal if your friend already has all the camp gear they could want, and/or you are not sure exactly what they might like. Of course, you need to make sure they do not already have an annual pass.

5. A backpacking tent

If your recipient does not yet own a high-quality backpacking tent, now is the time to get them one. A waterproof tent can keep them warm, cozy and dry no matter where they decide to pitch it or in what conditions. Look for a product that is fast and easy to set up or take down, and which features rugged materials and construction. A sturdy tent can offer years of comfort for outdoor adventures.

6. A compressible pillow

There is no reason these days for anyone to be sleeping uncomfortably in a backpacking tent. There are now camping supplies for just about every purpose, including providing some much-needed neck support in the wild.

In fact, there are now pillows you can purchase that can be collapsed to a fraction of their size just by squishing them into their storage bags. Buy your recipient one of these, and it will fit remarkably well in their backpack and keep them comfortable as they sleep in their waterproof camping tent.

7. A personal water filter

If you are in search of an inexpensive gift that also happens to be really useful and cool, you could get your recipient a personal water filter. This takes the form of a compact, portable straw that filters pathogens out of natural water sources. It is a great survival supply, perfect for any camping expedition, especially in the backwoods.

8. A waterproof notebook

If your friend or family member likes to keep a journal or field notes, one helpful gift for their next outdoor excursion might be a waterproof notebook. This is a particularly indispensable item for someone who likes to kayak or do other boating-related activities. But it can also come in handy for someone who hikes or camps in the rain.

9. A day pack

A backpack of any variety can make a good gift for an outdoorsy person. But it might be difficult to figure out exactly what your recipient would need in a backpacking pack.

One thing that might be easier would be purchasing a day pack for your recipient. While day packs do come with different features and configurations, there are fewer bells and whistles to worry about. A simple, lightweight, stylish pack can be great for small day treks.

10. A high-quality water bottle or thermos

Another supply that is always useful is a well-made water bottle or thermos. Both have evolved considerably over the years, and you can now find some pretty impressive designs and features.

Consider looking for a product that is eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing. If you are going for a thermos, check to see how long it can keep beverages hot or cold. It is even possible to find some containers that can maintain warm or cool temperatures inside for 12 hours or more. In fact, your recipient may not only find this product useful on the weekends, but also at work.

11. A quick dry towel

Hikers, campers, kayakers, swimmers, and others will be thrilled with the gift of a quick dry towel. You can find these made out of comfortable microfiber. Lightweight and small, they stow easily in a backpack.

12. Carabiners

If in doubt, sometimes it is best just to give an outdoorsy person something they always need more of. While your recipient likely already has a number of carabiners, chances are good they can benefit from more of them. Indeed, if it is the holiday season, they might be receiving other gifts that require them to get more carabiners, so why not take care of that for them?

Give the Gift of Outdoor Fun and Adventure

Now you have some outstanding gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. Any one of these gift ideas should be a big hit, making your friend or family member's next outdoor excursion safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable than ever.

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Gift Ideas for that Outdoorsy Person
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