Do You Need a Canopy for July 4th

Do You Need a Canopy for July 4th

I'm going to give you a few reasons why a pop up canopy is a must for the upcoming July 4th weekend.

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Investing in a pop up canopy tent for a Fourth of July backyard barbecue party is a good idea for essentially anyone. Below are just a few of the reasons why such an item is one of the best things you can purchase for your Fourth of July bash:

Staying Dry

Although it may seem obvious, many people take their chances with rain and simply hope for the best. However, if inclement weather does visit your property on Independence Day and you do not have a tent in place, you must resign yourself to cramming all your guests into your living room. However, a high-quality pop up canopy tent allows you to have an enjoyable day regardless of what mother nature has in store. Consider putting your tent up a few days before your barbecue, as this will ensure your party area has time to dry even if it rains the day before your event.

Protection From the Sun and Heat

Since most parts of the country experience their warmest temperatures in July, it is definitely a good idea to have a tent for your gathering under which your guests can seek shelter from the heat and avoid sunburns. A pop up tent with no sidewalls works well for a backyard barbecue, as it lets in the breeze but still provides protection from the sun.

A Tent Protects Food and Beverages

Although open-air parties are great for your guests, the elements are not good for food and beverages. A pop up canopy tent keeps bugs, animals, twigs and leaves from crashing your party. Additionally, your plans likely include serving side dishes, such as salad, coleslaw, pasta, potato salad and desserts. Keeping such fare out of the sun can help you avoid unpleasant scenarios such as food poisoning or spoiled dishes. A pop up tent can also be erected over your built-in barbecue grills.

Planning Activities

You can plan far more activities if you invest in a pop up tent than if you simply held a backyard barbecue party with no shelter. For example, you can set up parlor games for children during the daytime and then use the same area as a mini dance floor if your party continues into the evening. You can section off one end of the tent for a grab game or piñata, and create another area for card games or similar activities.

Decorating Advantages

Decorating options for your pop up canopy tent are limited only by your imagination. Although there are many designs from which to choose when decorating your backyard, party tents give you the ideal canvas on which to work. You can hang curtains, streamers, lights, lanterns or essentially any other decoration you desire, making it easy to create the environment of your choice.

Keeping Your Guests Outside

Although you probably know the people you are inviting to your gathering, everyone has had the experience of a rogue guest or two wandering into areas of their home to which they were not invited. Keeping guests comfortable outdoors gives them few reasons to enter your dwelling and makes it easier to supervise those who come inside on occasion.


Investing in a pop up canopy tent for the Fourth of July can offer you unexpected benefits, as it can be used for other purposes at different times of the year. For example, long after Independence Day is over, you may decide to hold a birthday party, wedding reception or anniversary on your property and you can use and decorate your tent to suit the occasion.

Organizing Your Event

Pop up tents are a great way to keep people in a specific area of your property. Unless your backyard is extremely small, most guests will drift into different corners and your party may become isolated groups of people rather than a big gathering. A party tent brings everyone together and creates a far more sociable setting than would be the case if you did not use such a tent. This is especially true if people have not seen each other in quite a while or if you plan to have guests who have never met prior to the party.

Fourth of July backyard barbecue events are enjoyable and easy to plan, regardless of whether your gathering is large or small. To make your party even more enjoyable, consider investing in a good quality pop up canopy tent that can be used for many future years.

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