Ocean City Looking to Ban Beach Tents

Ocean City Looking to Ban Beach Tents

Large canopy tents and beach tents might be prohibited in beaches across the country next summer. We discuss the reasons why and look at other beaches that have already imposed a tent ban.

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Rumors are swirling that you may have to consider tent regulations surrounding Ocean City MD beaches for the 2024 summer as they may be looking to prohibit large canopy tents and oversized sun shelters. With Ocean City contemplating a ban on these popular sun shades, many other beaches might follow suit, so we wanted to talk about the reasons behind this potential change and its impact on beachgoers.

Short Summary

  • Ocean City is considering a ban on beach tents due to safety, wildlife protection, and nuisance concerns.
  • Regulations regarding size and placement vary between Ocean City beaches and neighboring areas such as Myrtle Beach, Horry County & Surfside Beach.
  • Staying informed of the regulations can ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors to Ocean City beaches.

Reasons for a potential ban

In the last few years, Ocean City beaches have become increasingly popular with families who need to shade chairs, blankets, coolers, and kids. This has raised overcrowding concerns as well as safety and environmental concerns from town officials and beach patrol, which is leading to serious consideration of banning beach tents on the sand altogether.

Safety Concerns

Ocean City is looking into the possibility of imposing a ban on beach tents due to worries over lifeguards’ visibility and emergency access being blocked. Other nearby beaches such as Myrtle Beach or Horry County have already set regulations in order to provide shade for beachgoers, but also create an environment with safeguards against any potential danger. Lifeguard views could be obstructed by these shading devices and likewise, it may hinder their ability to monitor things going on out at sea when people are utilizing tents that cover large sections of sand near them. Thus rules must be put in place which balance safety needs along with providing comfort from those under the sun’s rays while visiting local beaches throughout Ocean City areas like this one example situation has highlighted before anyone takes too much risk.

Wildlife Protection

In Ocean City, beach tents are only allowed under certain regulations due to their potential influence on the local wildlife. In Myrtle Beach, rules have been imposed about the size and types of structures permitted as well as seasonal limitations to reduce disruption in habitat access for food sources or nesting sites which could lead to displacement of animals and destruction of habitats. While not as common in Ocean City MD as further south, beachgoers should be mindful that they may affect the natural environment when visiting beaches with these restrictions by avoiding entering important areas like nests while also keeping a safe distance from fauna there.

Overcrowding Nuisance

Due to the summer season, beach tents can be seen occupying a large portion of beaches in Ocean City. This has led some people to argue for banning these shelters as they limit space available on the beach for other visitors. Many dissatisfied complaints regarding both the quantity and size of these tents were voiced by locals in Ocean City, MD which stirred up debates about possible policies involving their prohibition. Ultimately, this proposed ban aims towards improving the overall experience of spending time at any seaside while taking into account safety factors and the best experience for vacationers who come out hoping for enjoyable moments under sunrays or waves.

Ocean City Beach Tent Regulations

Given the worries, regulations governing beach tents have been created in other beach towns during peak season from Memorial Day to Labor Day, where a limit has been put on their size which cannot exceed a certain dimension, and entrance pathways need to remain clear for public or emergency vehicles’ access.

Allowed Tent Types

When visiting the beaches of Ocean City, tents and canopies measuring up to 10 feet by 10 feet are allowed provided they don’t obstruct emergency vehicles. At Myrtle Beach, you should choose an umbrella as opposed to other types of shade. Tents larger than 7.5 ft wide aren’t permitted and an established umbrella line marks where umbrellas may stand so as not to block anyone’s view across the shoreline.

Seasonal Restrictions

In Ocean City, beach tents such as four-post canopies and umbrellas are allowed behind the lifeguard stands so that they don’t obstruct their view of swimmers and other beachgoers. This contributes to safety in the area. On the flip side, Myrtle Beach is much more strict regarding seasonal restrictions for tent usage during peak season (Memorial Day to Labor Day). During this time, only round umbrellas with a center pole no taller than 7.5 feet will be approved while off-season months feature rules which allow for larger canopy tents to be used on beaches.

Beach Patrol Responsibilities

The beach patrol in Ocean City is responsible for maintaining the safety of both swimmers and visitors on their beaches. They are also required to ensure that all regulations related to beach tents, such as size limits, seasonal limitations, or types approved by local laws are followed. If any violation occurs regarding these rules then a warning will be issued which could lead to the confiscation of the tent if necessary.

Neighboring Beaches: Tent Rules Comparison

When thinking about Ocean City’s potential beach tent prohibition, and the existing rules in force at beaches such as Myrtle Beach, Horry County, or Surfside Beach nearby. Comparing various regulations across different coastal locations can help ensure a hassle-free holiday experience when visiting a new beach destination.

Myrtle Beach

At Myrtle Beach, the safety of all beachgoers is paramount and so some rules have been set regarding umbrellas. Smaller than 7 12 feet diameter infant tents are allowed while from May 15th to September 15th only round umbrellas not taller than 7 feet 6 inches can be used. Non-umbrellas aren’t permitted anywhere in this area either. An established umbrella line marks where they must be positioned for the optimal view but without blocking others’ views at the same time.

Horry County

In Horry County, beach tents can be utilized as long as they do not exceed the 12-foot by 12-foot limit and are placed behind an umbrella. There is no set timeline for when these tents may or may not be used, which makes it more user-friendly to individuals who want to take advantage of this option year-round.

Surfside Beach

At Surfside Beach, everyone is required to adhere to the specified regulations concerning tents and beach umbrellas. Tent size cannot be larger than 10 feet in either direction while an umbrella should not exceed 7’6” tall with a maximum diameter of 9’. No items like shades or personal belongings can obstruct lifeguards’ line of sight nor must they be positioned before their stations for safety reasons.

Stay in the Loop

We will continue to stay involved in the current situation and will post any updates to ordinances as they come in from city officials. Check back before your beach vacation in 2024 and we will recommend the best beach umbrellas if the Ocean City beach tent ban takes effect.

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