Leader Accessories Instant Canopy Review

This is one of the highest rated pop up shelters on the market, but is it the right one for you? We investigate the specs.

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Looking for a pop up canopy tent which is an all-around good choice in terms of durability, ease-of-use, setup and price? The Leader Accessories Instant 10x10 Canopy Tent may be worth putting on your shopping list.

In this canopy tent review, we will go over the specifications for this canopy tent as well as the features it boasts. We will then discuss briefly the pros and cons, and what buyers this tent may appeal to. Let's get started with the specifications now.


  • Measures 10’x10’, offering 100 square feet of shade
  • One-piece frame
  • 3 adjustable heights: 68.5", 72.4", and 76.4"
  • Frame is manufactured out of powder-coated steel
  • Fabric offers UPF 50+ UV protection
  • Includes 8 steel stakes and 4 tie-down lines
  • Includes a bag with wheels
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Hub system for quick setup
  • Air vents

Having gone over the specs, let's take a deeper look at the features which make this pop up tent worth considering.

Materials and Durability

The frame is made of steel which has been powder-coated steel which resists forming rust. The canopy meanwhile is made of silver back coated 210D polyester.

While this pop up canopy tent is not the most durable one in the world, it is also not the flimsiest you'll find on the market either. It should not be subjected to strong gusts of wind, which can cause it to lose its shape or bust completely.

Exposure to mild or moderate wind however should not be a major issue. You will need to use your judgment when determining whether the weather will be safe for your tent. If you notice that your tent seems to be losing stability, do not wait around to find out whether the gusts are too strong. Just take it down.

Protection from Sun and Rain

As far as precipitation goes, this is also an area where the tent's performance depends on the intensity and duration of the rain as well as its condition.

The seams have not been sealed, which is not ideal in this regard, but in light rain conditions, the canopy may still be able to keep you relatively dry (assuming, of course, the rain is not blowing in through the sides).

The UPF 50+ UV protection which the canopy provides may help safeguard your health. Just keep in mind that you still may need to use sunscreen, especially since earlier and later in the day, the rays of the sun will be able to strike you directly through the open sides of the canopy tent. Thankfully, there is a side wall accessory which can help.

Transport and Setup

When you purchase this canopy tent, you receive a storage bag that can also be used for transportation. Since it is carry-on friendly, you should even be able to bring it with you when you travel. The bag has wheels and comfortable leather handles. With its 49” x 9” dimensions, it should fit easily in most vehicle trunks.

Hypothetically, you can set up this tent by yourself without assistance. You may find it easier with a second person helping you, however, especially if you are doing so for the first time. Either way, it probably will not take you more than several minutes.

Once the tent has been set up, it provides you with 100 square feet in which to enjoy the shade. Note that while the product description says that about 15 people could comfortably occupy this space, a more realistic number would be around 4-6 maximum.


This tent looks pretty much like any other pop up canopy tent, and is emblazoned with the name “Leader Associates” along with the company’s triangular logo. You can choose from a number of colors: green, blue, silver, tan, or dark gray.

Leader Accessories Canopy Tent

Cool Features and Accessories

Having gone over the appearance of the tent, setup and transportation, durability, canopy materials, and sun and rain protection features, let's talk about a few more features and accessories which stand out:

  • The height as well as the pull strings on the tent are easily adjustable.
  • You get a set of accessories with your purchase, including the pull strings, steel stakes, and carry bag you need. Optionally, you can also purchase a windshield side wall if desired.
  • The two air vents in the canopy are able to improve stability while providing ventilation.
Leader Accessories Canopy Tent Sidewall


  • It's fast and relatively simple for one person to set up this tent. A second person may make the process significantly easier however.
  • The tent is well ventilated and provides adequate sun protection as well as some shelter from rainfall.
  • Transporting this canopy tent is easy, and the dimensions are suitable for car trunks or carry-on.
  • This canopy tent can stand up to mild wind.
  • You can choose from a few different colors so that your tent reflects your personality.
  • The option to purchase a side wall is nice, and not something which every manufacturer has thought of for open designs like this one. This can be very helpful not only with blocking wind, but also light as the sun is rising or falling.


  • Stability is not the best at the highest height setting.
  • Under some circumstances, the tent might leak in the rain.
  • Especially strong winds may damage the tent.


We think this 10x10 Leader Canopy Tent is certainly worth consideration. But on the surface, it doesn't really jump out from the crowd. Its dimensions, features, materials, and tent accessories are pretty standard and straightforward.

It is however durable and stable enough to do the job time and again if you take care of it and do not expose it to harsh wind conditions. For a reliable and simple tent which is ideal for travel and perfect for personal or professional use, the Leader Accessories Instant Canopy pop up Canopy delivers a great bang for your buck.